Controlling The Number of Application Instances

Filed Under (Visual FoxPro) by WildFire on 15-02-2005

Controlling The Number Of Application Instances (with helpful source codes (four approaches to be precise)). I can probably mod this so I can run a separate Program-002 locally in case Program-001 in a remote application server fails to load.

How about this... a Visual Foxpro 10 WishList. VFP9 has just been released and we have tons of stuff already in that page. Foxpro client base is always demanding, eh?

Look what I've found in my tracker logs just this morning: "carl franklin" "rory blythe" porn 1-20 self destruct kitties 1-20 sql server Exception c00000fd Eat 1-100 exander blood thinner foxporn

There's more but I'll save them some other time.

To wrap things up here's an informative read: Comparing West Wind Web Connection and classic ASP + COM.