Are TITLES really needed in here..?

Filed Under (GFX, Random.links, Random.scribbles, by WildFire on 18-02-2005

Omni-pie. Client decided to move the meeting/presentation to Monday next week so I'm here today in the office... for the Foxpro.catalyst's site birthday.

Hehe... : ]

I have prepared already for tomorrow's client visits since last week so I guess I'll just spend the afternoon catching up with buffered feeds, buffered blogs and bloggable thoughts.

Qs on the other hand is working on her database application which she will also be presenting tomorrow and I can hear her programming-related grumbles from here.

(Conscience to WildFire: "Good... blog about it instead of helping her."

Shut up, conscience. The end justifies the means.

OK... some initial link round-ups: Ah... one of the thousand reasons why I love computers.

A global network of computer users has clocked up more than 4,000 years' worth of computer calculations in under three months as part of a huge grid project.

Nice... computers can solve those amount of problems but humans can't even start solving some of the 'basic problems' that have infested this very world for years now.

Intel's silicon laser breakthrough has been popping out in some of the feeds that I'm getting. What's next... the grizzly patents?

But this is good. I have constantly argued with my alter ego that there should come a time where we give software development-related solutions that do not set their foundations on a framework that was created because hardware-based connections are too slow to catch up with the data being processed.

I know that sounds vague but I'll explain that more soon.

But in a nutshell... it's like Porky Pig telling you add-ons that you can carry with your bike so you can do fish-castration-related stuff and all. Improve the bike... change the bike with a Harley Davidson instead.

Something like that.

Later, compadres.