Foxpro-links: 2005.0218

Filed Under (Visual FoxPro) by WildFire on 18-02-2005

OK... some Foxpro-related links for today. Two are memory-related: Memory Handles and VFP: SYS(1104) != FLUSH FORCE != FLUSH (From Calvin Hsia and Alex Feldstein respectively)

Tip: Adding Recalcitrant Project Files To Source Control ( and VFP9 and Opportunistic Locking.

Looks like DevTeach 2005 conference in Montreal is looking for speakers including FoxPro. (Post is a month old... but still... (Update: Looks like they have found already, Craig Berntson mentions it in his blog.))


In Mexico, Executrain and FoxTraining will be together to develop material, teachers and promote training for Microsoft Visual Fox Pro.

Now this is not programming-related but it is interesting nonetheless: A whizz with words. (I'm sure the principles of speed reading can be applied with database-related processes too... (Give me five years to prove this.))