It’s been one week…

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It has been quite some time since I've blogged something about work in here. In fact it's quite a while since I posted consistently in this site (or any other sites for that matter).

I won't even mention the 'b-sy' word since I think that has been used so so many times already by so so many humans in this world.

Let me just give you a recap of the things that occurred in the past week (which hopefully can be an excuse for not updating (of course you can always opt to a. work b. sleep c. count ants instead of reading blogs)).

April 01 started with that previous blog you've read which was created around 3AM after a 7-hour visit from client-001 the previous day (which is a 2-hour drive from here).

After that blog, the rest of the day was spent tweaking and coding some modules of the database projects for client-002, client-003 and client-004 visits for the next day.

(I will discuss the nature of these database projects in a different blog.)

Code, tweaks and code until 3AM Saturday and in the morning, because of some emergency related matters on the part of the client-002 I wasn't able to meet them but had to proceed to client-003 which was just a block away from client-002. I installed the database/project updates, had a snack and LAN-to-spiritual-stuff discussion with them.

In the afternoon, qs and I proceeded to client-004, installed updates and discussed more features. Along with a couple of creamy chocolates on the table, we delved into the bloody details on how to finalize and tweak the database system that we are doing for them.

(We also meet someone in there who asked us if we were free for a web design-related project.)

After that visit, I purchased an eight port hub, a lan card, a brand new logitech internet keyboard and a mouse (I change keyboards and mouses (mice?) every three months), lan cables and RJ45s.

This was for the network at home which I've been planning to install. (Details on this one will also be posted in a different blog.)

The next day, Sunday... we had to meet a possible new client-A on client-005's place.

Nice meeting someone, who even being the head of a certain school, was still very nice and down to earth. The visit to their place was set on Thursday (which was, if you're reading this on a Friday... yesterday).

We were already heading home when client-005 sms-ed that she's also talking to a possible new client-B who's also interested in a database-related project we are creating.

So Monday started with qs and I preparing papers, proposals, program tweaks, installers and all for this weekday series of client visits (client-006, new client-A, client-004 and client-007 (who was our first client since we started 'free lancing' here in Manila)).

By mid-day I have to re-arrange the schedule since client-005 called and requested a meeting with the possible new-client-B the next day. I had to move the meeting client-006 from Tuesday to Wednesday.

I spent the last few hours before midnight printing stuff, coding in between, reviewing program flows and installing the home network.

Tuesday, we had to fetch client-005 who was so kind enough to assist us with possible new client-B. An hour later we met with possible new client-B but I won't delve into the details on this part for now... : ]

Went home around 5PM to tweak the network installation and prepare another batch of proposals, sample prints and program tweaks for the next day visit with client-006.

A two hour bus ride, lunch, a four hour installation/discussion with client-006 and a two hour bus ride home marked Wednesday.

I had prepared most stuff for possible new client-A visit the next day, so I slept early...

... but had a to wake up around 3AM since Thursday's visit to possible new client-A is a three hour drive which could easily become a five hour or more one if we'll be caught in the traffic or worse, if we get lost.

It was quite a long ride (and it was also our first visit so the anticipation factor (think of donkey's 'Are we there yet?' lines), played its part. We even have to stop a couple of times to ask for directions.

It was quite funny that when we were talking with possible new client-A when we were already there, she asked us what road we took, and we described the long route we had, and she was like... 'Oh you took the short cut!'

We arrived at possible new client-A around 10AM... qs handled the installation and the program demonstration, we had lunch... a very nice lunch with the two heads of the school (one of them we had met last Sunday) and around 1:30AM started our drive home.

'Possible new client-A' becomes 'client-A' before the end of the day.

Now it is evening already and after a couple of hours catching up on sleep and applying tweaks to that Integrated Media Center System (Library System, AVR-related database system, LARS and SASM etc.), it is already 11PM as I'm blogging this (though it will be posted tomorrow I guess (since I no longer have an internet connection at home)) and I don't think I can visit client-001 tomorrow though I have yet to finalize the meeting for this week.

But I still have to prepare for a visit with client-004, client-008 and client-002 this Saturday if time and neurons permit.