VisualFoxpro rocks… and talks.

Filed Under (Random.scribbles, Visual FoxPro, work.BLOG) by WildFire on 17-05-2005

How do VisualFoxpro programmers talk to their wives..?

A lot of ways really... but Calvin Hsia added another way through this code that runs and fires up Microsoft Word. Type your words and sentences inside it, highlight (select) it and the binded Foxpro code activates the speech API and barfs out those words.

Mondo cool.

Qs is a meter away in front of her PC and I'm still convincing her to buy me some food through this. (Much better than YahooIM.FontSize(25))

The fun part is typing Filipino phrases in it which the speech API object pronounces in such a funny way.

Try this one out.