Poser renders and Education

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Having posted those lines above, I would like to tell you that this post has nothing to do with the image.

Besides I don't think I'll make any sense in this post. It is 2:30AM and the discussion on education-related problems on TV ended just minutes ago.

One problem probably, which was not mentioned, is... we have so much TV shows/news items discussing education related problems more than concrete solutions.

Even in that TV discussion, I can't seem to find even one convincing solution that perhaps could eradicate the problems mentioned.

Excuses... I see plenty. Solutions... I think one was mentioned. If... I'll even consider that a solution.

I for one, cannot think of a concrete solution at this time of day.

Perhaps because the solution is beyond the weave of problems that govern the educational system.

Perhaps it lies on the attitude of the 'problem solvers' themselves. If one really exists.

I see corruption, I see humans that rant too much, I see passive individuals, I see tons of the-hell-I-care students and I see a lot of people yammerin'-there-yammerin'-here about these things.

I see blogs.

But I'm not sure I'm making sense too. That render distracts me every now and then.

Perhaps we'll just let George Boole educate us all on this matter.

Take it away, George.