SEDNA, baby!

Filed Under (Visual FoxPro, work.BLOG) by WildFire on 02-06-2005

MY pet tiger is giddy, he's been waiting for these news items from Ken Levy for days. So there you have it.

This includes the Visual Foxpro RoadMap that revolves around Sedna (the code-name for the new VFP-related project), slated to be released in the first half of 2007.

It's like engraving 'FOXPRO-is-still-alive-we're-alive-alive-damnwit!' and shouting in the face of VFP detractors who have been buzzing around (annoyingly) for the past few years. Of course, this includes some (and not all) whining developers from inside the VFP camp. The 'HUHUHUMS-do-not-support-Foxpro-we're-doomed-we're-doomed!' bunch of humans.

Enhanced features were mentioned. Interoperability with VS 2005 was also mentioned... and interoperability with Longhorn, as well. But the thing I like most is this:

Our goal now that the Visual FoxPro Roadmap is released is that there won't be anything that insiders know that members in the Visual FoxPro community won't know. We want to expose all that Microsoft is planning, thinking, doing, etc. (transparency) around Visual FoxPro long term so there are nothing to assume or guess.

Along with these news items, a link to a free and downloadable version .NET for Visual FoxPro Developers (Kevin McNeish) was also given.

(I have my own views about .NET but that would be a different story for now.)

The Visual Foxpro Developer Center is getting warmer.