More XBases…

Filed Under (Visual FoxPro) by WildFire on 17-06-2005

My 'And-here-I-am-thinking-that-Visual-Foxpro-is-the-last-XBase-standing' generated some feedback and I'd like to share one from Zaldy Co:

Visual FoxPro isn't the last Xbase standing. There are still lotsa variants of Xbase--Delphi with Advantage, xbase++, opensource Harbour Project, dBase Plus ( and FiveWin of Antonio Linares.

Hotel software powerhouse Fidelio was ported from Clipper to Delphi. Ditto with ICode Everest.

Advantage Database Server is an XBase server whose distro could fit in 2 diskettes. Some years ago when EULAs still did not bar published benchmarks, ADS was benchmarked 124x faster than SQL Server 6.5.

Months ago I also mentioned other open source XBase products including Dabo, created by Ed Leafe and Paul McNett.