Are we really investing on the right data handling tools and formats..?

Filed Under (Random.scribbles, Visual FoxPro, work.BLOG) by WildFire on 03-11-2005

Zkarkakaorooom. More like Z... k... a... r... k... a... r... m.

That is the sound of my fourth rssreader/tool conking out after months of accumulating feeds.

And it's not even overfed. Every now and then I 'safestore' the feeds into its .mht format to be stored in a directory somewhere. Yes, I do this part semi manually with the help of the ever-reliable Norton Commander designed for Windows 95.

Out of respect for their developers, I won't mention their product names.

Most of these rss-readers bonk out when they accumulate tons of data. And I do expect more from them.

This fourth one, holds a lot of important features, well the features that a pack rat like me prefers, and in fairness it did survive longer than the previous three. (Well actually more than three, but I'm only counting those tools which I used for more than three months)

And now it crashes every now and then, hangs and pretends to be seeing drunk mouth-watering aliens almost too often.

(One or a few more crashes are forgiveable, a couple more is believable especially if aliens are indeed involved, but more than that... I'll be blaming either a lame developer or a lame tool (or both))

Which gets me thinking. Are we really entrusting the storage of data, and the data format itself to the proper tools and formats?

Please don't make me mention the three letter acronym.

(OK... most of the technologies involved in this have three letter acronyms... so take your pick.)

One can always download these rss feeds, convert them to a format that can be stored inside VisualFoxPro's native database engine (or even use an SQL Server (though that would be an overkill in terms of what I really need for now))...

... use VisualFoxPro to sort and browse data and I don't believe even in running this for a year, VFP would conk out because it was overwhelmed with more information than it can process.

Unless of course, the... ok... for once, let's refrain from involving aliens.

Don't even mention that 2GB limit this time. There are tons of workarounds for that excluding the use of nanotech and parallel universes.

Can these new tools at least make themselves reliable first before masking and donning that 'the-future/the-next-big-thing' cape.

... and Beakman wonders why I try and use old technologies.

They're not old... they are reliable.

Yes... reliable.


Here's an offshoot of that chat I had with Beakman yesterday (Happy Trip by the way, Mark.)

WF: I'm porting some of my old VFP6/VFP8 projects to VFP9 already, Mark. Blah blah blah... and more detailed blahs.
Beakman: Is it compatible..?
WF: Dude, Visual FoxPro is 20 years backward compatible.

Darn... I did use 'dude' in that statement.