ParcelDesktop 2005.1208

Filed Under (alien.invasion, GFX) by WildFire on 08-12-2005

For more than a year, my screen background is a plain blue wallpaper sans the image. Pretty ironic, I know, for someone who has maintained a wallpaper site for six years now.

But when I saw this image inside the filtered Galleries, I just couldn't help but click the 'Set as wallpaper' option.

Click to ENLARGE 1600x1200

'Silent Spring' is the title of the artwork created by an artist that goes by the czarnyrobert handle. You can view more of his artworks in this Renderosity Gallery and his official site.

Now I know I have been talking a little too much about aliens in this blog, but I am very much aware that this one is digitally rendered.

I am tempted though, to post 'real' pictures of aliens (besides the photos you have seen here) but these 412EP and 430-like helicopters hovering above my bunker is preventing me from uploading matters of sensitive content.

Besides, the world is not yet ready for these pictures.

Not yet.