Andrew MacNeill: How misinformation feeds FoxPro myths

Filed Under (Visual FoxPro, work.BLOG) by WildFire on 12-12-2005

Andrew MacNeill: How misinformation feeds FoxPro myths.

"It's not about the product - it's about the DESIGN!!!"

Indeed... indeed.

The problem with Visual FoxPro (or any RAD tool for that matter) is because they're easy to use, some irresponsible programmers fire up wizards and tools to create applications without proper planning.

PLAN... plan plan... things on paper. Create solutions that will cater not just to the immediate need for this month, or this year... but to the future.

I usually spend two weeks (and sometimes even more) in the planning phase which includes the creation of the database structures and overall flow.

And in more than one instance, I've even brought some folded papers in my wallet so I can retrieve things easily if ever an idea or a possible problem pops into my mind.

Back in my previous workplace, we even brainstorm on things like this. Every programmer shares his input while the others fire up possible scenarios and problems.

As for the misinformation part, the world holds too much consultants and IT specialists already, who for the sake of discussion, let's say are powered with the latest processor chips in their brains.

They think fast.

Too fast.

In this field of software development, thinking deeply is much preferred.