Filed Under (Random.scribbles, Visual FoxPro) by WildFire on 15-12-2005

Andrew reacts and posted a link to this tool . (Software tools and applications, and software in general should be included in the list of humanity's greatest inventions, don't you think?)

A couple of client visits and a kiddie party after posting that blog, I can't seem to recall very well the reasoning behind those thoughts. Probably I was also thinking fast instead of deep. (Using .or. instead of .and.)

Or probably I had encountered too many humans already who are too adept at using their thought faculties to think of excuses at the snap of a finger. The narrow minded ones with that this-can't-be-done attitude. Firing up one too many excuse before even attempting.

[VFP.zealot.shield.enable = .T.]

Include the VFP-is-dead barkers, who without thinking lash out at VFP before trying it out or actually using it.

[VFP.zealot.shield.enable = .F.]

Anyway... will work first and blog later. I've been out of the office for two straight days already... [",]