Witchblade 71

Filed Under (comics, GFX) by WildFire on 16-01-2006

After months of searching, I finally found it.

That's Top Cow's Witchblade 71. What I'm really after is Keu Cha's painted cover. Keu Cha produces some of the best Witchblade covers along with the original artist, Michael Turner.

Top Cow years ago deviated from the 'regular' superhero comics to delve into the supernatural world, which makes things more interesting. (But don't get me wrong, DC currently is doing well with its Infinite Crisis event and has been 'humanizing' their superheroes (producing even one of the best comic-to-screen-humanize-the-superhero-movie... Batman Begins)).

But back to Top Cow... their take on the supernatural, sci-fi and conspiracy theories is what interests me most (and as of late qs is also reading them). PLUS of course their dedication to quality artwork on every panel.

If you haven't checked out Witchblade yet, or have left it when Michael Turner wasn't the regular penciller anymore or if you've feeling it has become a T&A book years ago, do return and pickup a copy... Ron Marz and Mike Choi are doing a great job, delving into the police/detective/job side of Sara while still continuing its supernatural direction.

Since Ron Marz handled things, it is receiving great reviews and even awards from various comic-related sites (which probably explains the reason why I'm having a hard time grabbing a copy of Witchblade 92).

Ron Marz gives 'real' stories... not just stories that serves as an excuse or a reason for Sara's clothes to be shredded or to fall off.

Ah yes... T&A stands for 'ti-- and asses', a term commonly used in the comics community.