FoxPro… resources and TheForce.

Filed Under (Visual FoxPro, work.BLOG) by WildFire on 28-01-2006

For those programmer fathers out there, or humans who support someone or our very selves to live, which I think most of us do... we code not just for the challenge or for that ever-quench-the-thirst desire to solve things that tend to be abstract in an abstract way disguised in the form of for-loops, bits and 0101010001001s.

We code for food.

We may be directly solving and creating systems, thinking of our clients needs but in the cubicle filled workplace of our minds, there is that space in the server room inside our craniums exclusively reserved for our needs, our families' needs and/or our children needs.

(Feel free to include your dog and your goldfish. (My pet tiger and pterodactyl are self-sustaining though.))

But of course, there are also humans who are, let's say for the purpose of discussion... are from the start of their lives, financially and materially lucky. Almost everything are laid down at their feet.

Now I'm not generalizing on the next line, but some of these lovely humans tend to lack 'TheDrive'. Again I am not generalizing all of them. It's just that time and time again I seem to encounter and interact with some of them seeing sparks of that tendency. I mean the tendency to lack TheDrive.

If little forces lesser than TheForce tend to spoil someone or something with resources, it chips at parts of the inherent little drives that strive beneath, thus dissolving some good bits of the output.

When the Wachowski was on a tight budget, they produced one of the best sci-fi, mind-challenging movies of all time, The (first) Matrix. Fast forward almost three years later, they have huge resources to produce bloated Matrix follow-ups.

(Not that I don't like them, they are major vfx eye-candies and there are still sparks of gems here and there (not to mention Monica), but they fade in comparison to the potential of what the first installment has to offer.)

Some probably will include George Lucas and Star Wars in this list, but hey... the third episode was probably enough to save what the first two episodes lack (Well at least the first half of the third episode).

In a way, FoxPro belongs to that make the most of what we have list.

Not only is it a good resource-friendly product, it creates database applications, which if properly used, makes use of existing resources, however scarce they may seem... efficiently.

Unlike other PLs that are so spoiled, bloated, hogs too much memory and requires system requirements above the roof... FoxPro uses what it really needs.

(There goes Avatar and Beakman yelling 'We know where this part is heading!' But trust me it didn't started that way.)