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Filed Under (GFX) by WildFire on 09-03-2006

A little something-something I'm working on.

It has been months since I have done something for our pixelcatalyst.lair site. My photoshop folder says the latest was last July of last year when I was working on the Contempate artwork, which was released for Depthcore's Deluxe Pack.

It wasn't even for TheLair.

I do hope I could fire up Pixelcatalyst version 7.00 before this year ends. Or better, this May when it celebrates its seventh year online.

Or at least finish V6.

Up to this day, I still receive notes and comments that go along the lines that certain javascripts are not working on the site... to which I would reply... that it is still a 'work in progress...'

And that started a couple of years ago.