V7 in the HOLE!

Filed Under (GFX) by WildFire on 24-04-2006

Pixelcatalyst.Lair's regular splash cover transition.rotation.update resumes. The pixelnews will follow and a new creation process section, as well.

Even when I'm working on GFX, it seems FoxPro is still influencing me... subliminally. The background colors say it all... : ]

3:30AM. That's the average time I merge myself with the bedsheet in the previous three days. It was even around 4AM yesterday. I'm now working on a new website interface... which if a month from now I'm still infected with this current mindset, PXLCTLSTv7 will have a punish-the-user-abuse-the-bandwidth approach.

Hey... the 'net wastes a huge amount of bandwidth because of spam. Why not use those resources in visiting graphics-intensive sites instead..? (Who gives a damn about enhancements.. : ])

Every now and then, I tend to move boundaries that limit creativity when I'm handling TheLair. Probably I'll do that once again when V7 comes out.

But then again I would probably end up chopping and tweaking after I have fully converted the .psd file to it's HTML version.

Also, I created a different behind-the-scenes scribbles section for the creation process involved in V7. Once uploaded I will link it here. Stay tuned.