VFP… qs… and HTMLs

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It is 3:28AM and I do hope what I will scribble here would still make some sense.

As you might have noticed May has become a month for TheLair. I've been sleeping around 4AM (and sometimes even around five in the morning (when the sun.daylight.init event happens)) working on that seven year old site.

Maiden Seven Artwork
Maiden Seven of Azure Realms / Download 1600x1200 illumination

We released V7 last May 19 and I was still tweaking the site up until hmmm... 30 minutes ago before I devoured what some might consider a midnight snack at three in the morning.

Good thing I introduced and trained qs how to code and develop database applications in VisualFoxpro (the samurai/jedi way) a couple of years ago.

Now she's coding for around 9 hours a day, answering client system-related queries and fixing some bugs while I'm sitting on my arse working on HTMLs/PSDs/JPEGs/css-es/javascripts and other graphics/website-related matters.

You can't disturb me when I'm working on something so qs is intimate these days with the chm file that came with Visual FoxPro 9, the fox.wikis.com site and of course... Google.com.

Every now and then she discovers things in FoxPro which I haven't even encountered yet... which is good.

But when she starts to grumble and mumble random incoherent words and stuff, it starts to scare me though.

In random places, to make things worse. Random places!

Like there was this one time when we were in the mall... a crowded mall, and I with all my invisible hover drones were mapping and calculating the fastest route we could travel from Point A to Point B, and qs out of nowhere started blurting out normalization principles, dtos/alltrim approaches, cdx optimization and database initialization topics and techniques.

Did I mention we were in a crowded mall when she started doing that..?


Anyway... come June 2006 I will return to the usual programmer mode, and will work on graphics/web related stuff on weekends.

I am also planning on how to integrate VFP on my site.

Nope... no Active FoxPro pages for now or some other VFP on the 'net related tools but more on generating, parsing and converting data to an equivalent HTML format.

Upload, download and synchronization mechanisms included.

I still have to finalize the specs though. But I'll be tackling that in the near future and the links.database section of TheLair will be the first to be handled.

Also, I am heeding Craig Bailey's call to make Visual FoxPro cool. In line with that I am creating some icons, which I plan to release for free once I'm done with one set.

Visual FoxPro (and other developers as well) can download and use these icons in their applications.

Ok... 3:48AM... bed's calling.

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