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You know... we have this printer in the office, which I shall call Jana, who would randomly barf out errors unless you pull her closer to you... talk to her... say nice things to her. And even worse things if qs is the one handling her. I'll assume she's around 17 years old in spirit. Probably vegetarian.

So every time I have to print something I have to pull her close to me (in an angle facing me), caress the cover and access this affection.woo.database of mine.

Anyway... to compensate for this... here's a tip.

In case you wanted to cancel a print job... and a thousand and five delete key hitting won't do, cancelling all print jobs won't work, purge, curses, spells and a dozen turn off/reboots and all. Try clicking ALT+CTRL+DEL... click Task Manager... select the Processes tab. Look for spoolsv and hit DELETE.

But then again... you might need another 1001 reboots to make that work... : ]

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