The Details… AGAIN.

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I was reading an archived copy of Mark Cuban's blog last week. (see

This was after I watched Game 6 of the NBA Finals 2006 on a bus enroute to a client visit. The first game I watched since Michael Jordan left. But more on that later, now let's go back to Mark Cuban's blog.

There are very interesting points he mentioned in his blog which I'd like to CP.

Substance comes from detail. Luck comes from detail. Winning comes from being willing to do the work on the details. Learning comes from investing in details.


Aggregate data from a lot of games over a lot of seasons, and all of the sudden you have a database with value.

Once you have information, then you can add brainpower and try to do things better.

Once you have information, then you can start to define excellence and strive for it, measuring your progress along the way.

Source: I know you are... but what am I...

Cool blog. Cool dude.

Back to that game. Miami won and I think everyone knows that part already. But watching an NBA game after years... five... four or even more I'm not really sure. All I recognize is the NBA logo, Shaq who's now a little old and slower but wiser... Payton and two more players whose names I could not remember.

I recognized Pat Riley though.

What amazed me is the camera movement though. It was seemingly hovering, rotating and being in the best angles. It was far far better than when I was following game after game way way back before.

Hmm... can we implement that on database systems. Like a sort of hovering software/sentient being or something that really monitors how data travels, bumps and all.