Arse GOT kicked.

Filed Under (GFX) by WildFire on 29-06-2006

We abused the bandwidth and made it scream. Tortured it. Tormented. Made it suffer. Made it scream some more.

Scream it did.

And in the end... it kicked our arse.

pixelcatalyst's arse to be precise.

So fiercely it kicked... and now we're here in Mars. Devising a plan to return home.

A plan to woe the bandwidth back and to prevent TheBandwidth from getting mad at us once again.

Chocolates and roses.


I wasn't able to anticipate it really but here are some stats for June 1 - 24:

6GB for LOS2002 alone. Not to mention the rest of the site. Initial e-mail sent showed a usage of 74.04GB. Plastiqueweb's CPANEL LOG shows around 27GB though. I still have to clarify that part... but still it is HUGE.

Apologies to my fellow Plastiqueweb dwellers for the inconvenience and thanks once again to Niko for the consideration.

I am restructuring portions of the site to prevent this problem from occurring in the future. Until then you can download the artworks and illuminations at and

The content of this section will be re-uploaded once I'm sure I have placed enough protective measures to prevent that problem from happening once again in the future. The illuminations and artworks when that time comes will be linked in a host outside TheLair.