videos and academe

Filed Under (Visual FoxPro) by WildFire on 05-07-2006

Now if only we could bring these VFP videos back to the academe. That is one sector VFP should penetrate... students, teachers... schools... the molding blocks of the future.

(Now I can hear my previous boss again talking about his 'academe should dictate the industry not the other way around' insights in my mind. (But that's another story for now.))

Visual FoxPro should make its presence felt back in this sector. Besides, there lies the future developers/system analysts and software architects. And yes... lazy programmers.

They may not end up using Visual FoxPro but at least they could learn tons from it and could apply the principles of speed, efficiency and all this 'ultimate RAD database development tool' has been pumping out for years into their future programming languages and applications.

Again, bring Visual FoxPro back to the schools.