DEPTHCORE: Remix and Repent

Filed Under (GFX, Random.scribbles) by WildFire on 06-07-2006

DEPTHCORE: Remix and Repent

I kept on forgetting this.

Depthcore's latest pack, Remix and Repent was released sometime last last week. Awesome pack it is.

If you can't get pass the 2MB flash file intro (bee hee), you can click the Enter Depthcore link. Here's a direct link to the main section and here's a direct link to the Remix and Repent pack.

I, with my current internet connection speed, [a] wasn't patient enough to view the splash [b] started thinking there was a problem with my current flash and browser and [c] started suspecting alien-related covert activities were happening as the file was loading.

After five failed attempts and the paranoia for an alien invasion growing, I decided to view the html source code, grabbed the link to the .swf file and download it manually through GetRight.

Too huge I know.

Not that I don't like it... it is indeed a cool splash with a cool beat (If you haven't checked out the music department of DepthCore, you're missing .01982828 part of your life.)

Some might also whine about the lack of a loading progress bar... but hey, some of us do like punishing humans and bandwidths alike.

As for me... I've learned my lessons already.

But that doesn't mean I won't repeat those bandwidth punishing stunts in the future... : ]