ColdPLAY… Manilow… coding and Thor’s hammer.

Filed Under (GFX, Random.scribbles) by WildFire on 12-07-2006

You know... Coldplay rocks. Shiver and Yellow from their Parachutes album rock. Every song in their Rush of Blood to The Head album rocks. Now this X and Y album starts to grow rocks on my hair.

Yes they're effective for coding, getting you, the coder, into the coding zone. That is if you can get over the depressing effect they have on some humans.

(The reason why qs hates listening to them she claims.)

Their songs now sit next to my U2 collection of coding songs, SwordFish's soundtrack and NIN's neuron-pounding selections.

Good for coding... good for coding.

Soulful... they are.

A couple of days ago, qs and I were in a taxi on our way to the mall when the vehicle's radio bombarded us with these Barry Manilow songs, then a couple of uber-mushy-first-love-story-type songs of the 80s. Adding insult to injury was a DJ who read life quotes so trite and cheezy they made me want to shove them down his mouth down to his esophagus to his intestines using Thor's hammer coming from three galaxies above...

... programmers should employ every means to avoid these types of songs. It zaps out too much coding energies. These songs kicks you out of the coding zone after which covering TheZone with adamantium walls which span 10-miles equipped with more than enough shi'ar technology to prevent you from going back in.

Again... do avoid these songs.

From what I've heard, they cause impotency and sterility too.

Avoid, you must.