LIGHTNING+FLUCtuations 1 WildFire 0

Filed Under (Random.scribbles, work.BLOG) by WildFire on 03-08-2006

MY working mojo's hampered by two consecutive hardware-related problems that are currently resting on my shoulders.

The first deals with a hard disk crash which I have scribbled about somewhere but decided not to post online since I have just recently blogged about a similar crash last April.

I was able to salvage everything last April. This time, of the three partitions that crashed, I was only able to save 2.

LIGHTNING+FLUCtuations = 1 | WildFire = 0.

So after backing up files like crazy for days... leaving the PC to winrar stuff overnight, writing and re-writing everything on DVD-Rs and some spare hard disks and countless re-organizations and sleeping around 4 in the morning (rising around 7AM to check the compression process and sleeping once again), I am beginning to see the light.


That's when another hardware-related work-mojo-crashing event came in.

Now our 1 year and 7 months old Canon A95 digital camera started puking purple stuff in its LCD.

I did my homework for 6 months, deciding what I really need and reading tons of reviews, samples and comparisons online and offline before acquiring this cam.

The feedback then was good. And it is still good even now.

Plus it did perform well. In fact I filled one CD-R in a month with pictures while it took me two years to fill that same quantity with my previous digital cam.

It performed well... very well until it decided to 'hey-Canon-released-a-list- of-camera-models-with-CCD-issues- and-we're-not-included- and-we're-out-of-warranty-s o-let's-just-kick-WildFire's-arse- while-he's-down-and-create-a-problem'.

Canon service center can fix this I know but the charge is just a pain in the pocket. Especially since this one's still that 'young' and hasn't even matured enough to test some gravity-defying stunts.

It never fell.

The anti-GRAV belt my pet tiger made for this was never activated.

It's always taken care of. Always in its Canon case when not in use, inside a secure cabinet guarded by imaginary tech-wasps protecting it from dust and insects and all harmful factors.



To compensate for this... I'll give you a tip. When canvassing things online of the things you want to purchase, don't just google reviews and specs. Be sure to check out the complaints as well.