Folder is inaccessible. Access denied. Thor to the rescue.

Filed Under (work.BLOG) by WildFire on 17-10-2006

You changed and re-installed a new Windows XP OS. Let's say on a new hard disk... slaved your previous primary disk.

Now there are certain folders/directories which for reasons you can't track give you this message:

G:\Folder is not accessble.
Access is denied.

You tried things. Fired up some admin tools. Whine and groan... cast spells and nothing works.

You're pretty sure you haven't set those folders to 'Private' before.

Good thing you haven't deleted your previous OS.

You swapped drives again, booting from the previous error-moody WinXP OS. Now you can access them... copy the files to another partition...

Re-swapped drives again and you still can't access it in its new location.

You now start calling the gods of thunder.

Yeah Thor... no not the Civil War cloned one.

The real one.

Thor suggested you copy the files to another PC through LAN/network.

And it worked.

He even told you to clean up the original folders. Since you can't delete them when you're using the new OS already.

(Cool guy... this Thor. Looks like there are Windows XP machines installed in Asgard these days. Loki, I've heard, prefers CentOS though. (Don't ask me why... : ))

Then you start transferring 8GB files for 30++ minutes or so.

Things solved.

A lot of time wasted though.

I'm sure there's a more efficient and logical way to solve this but I haven't googled that much after solving the problem.

That was a month ago.

Now I'm faced with the same problem again.

I can't call Thor this time. He's into ballet lessons with Namor somewhere in an undisclosed area. From what I've heard Ben Grimm is joining them this week too.

Luckily I discovered a shorter way.

Right click on that inaccessible folder. Click Sharing and Security. Check Share this folder on the network. Check Allow network users to change my files.

Click Apply.

It will display an error message... possibly show that sands of time wait icon but it will make that forbidden folder accessible once more.

This is a sort of short circuit... or whatever you call it. I'm still looking for the real cause and the real documented solutions. If you know one fire me up.

I'm using the admin account and I'm too lazy to test it using another non-admin account, if the 'solution' works.

It works... but think of the security-related issues on the other side of the fence.

Time to end this... my linux zealot friend's here.

Probably he'll invite me to join Thor and Namor one of these days.