Filed Under (GFX) by WildFire on 07-10-2007

Nice site » Hybridworks.jp

Don't forget to check the yoritsuki icons... also from the same site.

I know this is pixelnews material (and I have posted it there already), but I can't help but link it from here.

Besides I need a new blog category aside from 'Visual FoxPro' and the imported archive greymatter files that are posted by default in the General categories (which I still have to sort out (slowly)).

A friend of mine, areman would probably dig that site.

He works on a japanese sla... software company (halts... my desktop computer keeps on crashing everytime I'm linking to areman's site (or probably just the mere mention of his site frightens Parcel, my PC)), eats japanese food seven times on a normal day, and talks the japanese language with matching scribbling of characters in the air to his imaginary friend.