Random Buffered VFP Links 2007.1012

Filed Under (Visual FoxPro) by WildFire on 12-10-2007

I've been without an rss reader for almost two years.

I stopped using one when the home internet connection was disconnected. That was December of 2005.

Now I'm making up by installing three rss readers... : )

Currently I'm using Stardock's BlogNavigator and testing Awasu (after being recommended by woody).

I'm also revisiting RSSBandit (one of the the first rss reader I've used (... which is now an opensource project)).

(More on RSS Readers later...)

I'm doing catching up and here are some VFP-related links which I have overlooked. Some links/posts are a year old already (yet still useful).

Then again, you can always skip the ones you've read already.

I'll continue this later.