Random Buffered VFP Links 2007.1013

Filed Under (Visual FoxPro) by WildFire on 13-10-2007

VFP buffered links continued...

I don't like the way this wordpress template is handling bullets (ul/li) so we'll do this in this format.

Craig Bailey: Importing Visual FoxPro Data into SQL Server 2005 Using SQL Integration Services (SSIS).

Tod McKenna: SYS(2017) and Comparing Data / I still have a lot of catching up to do with Tod McKenna's articles/blogs and materials.

Andrew MacNeill: FoxShow 00044 with Rainer Becker. There's also a blog of interest links from that site.

VFP 9.0 SEDNA Components from DBI.

Vassilis Aggelakos: VFP Does MP3 Too!

Paul Tarver: Visual FoxPro and FireBirdSQL

I need to play with some files I have downloaded from this Fox-blog hoppin'. I'll continue the unbuffering later.