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Why we fight the UFO/ET information war.

Why indeed, when we can just use our PCs to hack the US military, Pentagon or NASA and search their databases for alien related documents..?

Like what Gary McKinnon did.

This setup (image below) should protect those information from hackers... hackers like Gary and my pet Ikia.

Though right now they (Yes 'they' (Inanimate objects have life (No not Gary and Ikia but those PS3s))) are being used to measure 'theoretical gravity waves - ripples in space-time that travel at the speed of light'. (Please don't tell me you need hyperlinks for that.)

(Photo in the left from Gaurav Khanna (via wired.com). Right is another Terai Yuki render... : )


Why bother with aliens when we can have mind readers... from Microsoft.

Start gathering the pitchforks!