Filed Under (Visual FoxPro, work.BLOG) by WildFire on 10-01-2008

You know vacation is really over when a client call wakes you up at around 7:30AM after just having slept at 5:30AM finishing three rushed modules for another client.

(I still was able to squeeze in some time to watch that classic Muhammad Ali versus George Foreman / Rumble in the Jungle match in between codin'.)

This is one thing I like about Visual FoxPro.

You can solve and debug internal programming stuff online through client chats or calls.

You can even do those things half asleep and partly drooling.

I've tried some other PLs before... it makes you want to plug your hand inside the phone and warp it to the other end to touch the client's keyboard/PC.

That... or you have to create a patch and/or visit the site as well in between cursing.

But then again I've been with VFP for quite some time and I haven't tried using other PLs for actual client works.

(I've heard new languages allow you to create complex programs by just thinking of the program and structural flow while placing the palm of your hand on page 33 of their manuals. (If you can figure a way to place your right foot on page 40 it would even auto-generate a user guide complete with screenshots and all (Yeah that good.)))

Read and tested some new ones... yes... but haven't had the 'right' reasons yet to actually use them in our freelance client works.

I'm with Craig Bailey's assessment that 2007 was one of the busiest years for some of us.

I do hope I could do some graphics-related stuff this 2008.

I have spent some time during that Christmas vacation downloading 'morally gray graphics-related resources' and inspirational GFX-materials from various 'morally gray' sites.

Then there's also that GDIPlusX release from CodePlex.VFPX (via Andrew MacNeill).

Also... I am itching to get my hands on SilverLight.