Filed Under (alien.invasion, work.BLOG) by WildFire on 27-01-2008

I visited a client yesterday.

One of the few 'they-just-call-us-once-a-year' type of clients.

It's either they really know the program so well that a programmer's interventions are not needed or they're not using the program.

Spent four hours on the road and bus... and just two hours in the client's site.

Yeah... one of those provincial visits where the time consumed by transportation is much more than the actual client interaction itself.

Problem on site is not even programming related.

Hardware crashed... not my scope but I helped anyway.

Besides I need to update some modules.

Main database file shows a record of 1,445 records. They must be using the system.

I had the chance to talk to some heads too.

Two of our main problems with clients for the past year are administration changes without proper turnovers and staff changes, also, without proper turnovers.

Rode the bus home before the clock hit the 12 noon mark.

The bus ride home is always one of the interesting events of this visit.

The previous time I remember I felt like my pony-tail connected to the seat as if it was a cable connecting me to some moving Matrix-The-movie-like vehicle.

I felt like I was one with that bus which is not a bus at all.

Too surreal I can't even describe it.

Yesterday... half asleep, I believe I saw three, not just one, but three buildings that seemed to have transferred from the right side of the road to the left side.

At least they were in the right side during my previous visit.

That was 11 months ago.

I'm quite sure those three huge buildings were on the left side of the road before.

As if in that span of time they have developed movable feet of some sort and uhm... crossed the road.

That and they were able to successfully mass-hypnotize the villagers in that place into thinking that nothing weird happened.

That everything's all right.

You can't fool me, you alien-beings-pretending-to-be-buildings!

I wear my psionic helmet protection all the time.