OUTPOST 1047… Released.

Filed Under (GFX, THIS.site.matters) by WildFire on 10-02-2008


After the crash we're back.

It's a case of me trying to fix some cgi-bin files at the wrong time.

Had I opted to wait longer... things would have been solved faster.

I think my 'wait for the problem to go away' attitude got snagged somewhere last Thursday.

But then again if I opted for the easier path, you wouldn't be seeing this new interface... : )

And since my hands were already dirty, I decided to upgrade some 2 year old cgi/perl scripts.

I've been using some of these scripts for years now and I saw movements from their respective sites after a long time.

I'm talking about YaBB 2.2 (Two years in the making) / BoardMod 2.5.6 (Previous release was dated 06/10/2005) and GreyMatter 1.8.1 scripts (The one I was using for pixelnews prior to the update was still 1.2).

Also... while I was working on the new outpost interface, I found some easier ways to do things in Photoshop CS 3 which usually takes me 15++ minutes to do in the pre-CS version that I have.

(Time spent for cursing not included.)

I'll be sharing those things later... : )


OUTPOST FORUM 1047 released.