Some developments

Filed Under (LEGO) by Bob on 13-03-2008

YAY! We've made some developments.

Instead of one 'minifig' (that's what you humans call us eh..?) per letter, we're now assigning a set of words per minifig. One minifig can memorize the assigned sequence (we do have good 'memories') and jump from one key to the other faster.

And faster it was.

We hit some problems though.

Like this one with the SHIFT key.

Bob: "Hold the key! This one's a capital letter."
Peter: "Too heavy for me. I can't hold it down that long."
John: "I'll help. I'll help."

The major setback though was when Willard, in charge of the BACKSPACE key, slipped.

Rod: "Double Js some backspace please."
Willard: "MY Backspace!"
Willard: "UGH."
Bob: "Move your arse, Willard. Release the BACKSPACE."
Willard: "My back... my back. He... eelp."

It's the BACKSPACE... so we have to do things all over again.

Willard will be fine. No worries.