BREAKING the BLOGGIN’ absence with these random links

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Random stuff to break the blogging absence...

Smashing Magazine released this set of (Really) Stunning Pictures and Photos.

But you might be more interested with this EGG2Chick development pics.

More random links: Does Time Run Backward in Other Universes? | Nasty Little Truth About Space

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And of course... it's Lakers and Celtics once again in the NBA Finals!

Though I must admit... I was rooting for the Spurs.

But inspite of that Game 4 no-foul-called in the last 2.1 seconds controversy (which the NBA admitted after a day ( videos here )) and that NBA fixing games conspiracy theories... the lakers did outperform the experienced (/old), classy and professional on and off the court (they even defended the referee non-call before the NBA admitted the mistake), yet also boring on papers, but always efficient defending champion... the San Antonio Spurs.

I guess Obiwan Ginobili was no match for Anakobe Skywalker after all.