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It's been a while.

Yeah I know.

Been a while since I've done something GFX-related. That is, of course, if you don't include those LEGO art.

Sometimes the demons in this soul need release.

Too many of them these days.

I lost count when I noticed the nine inch fanged one with blue eyes.

With nose rings.

Art... always is a good outlet.

A good release.

Of demons and nurtured ewoks alike.

The luckier demons become works in progress.

Others... rough sketches on paper.

The unluckier ones are stuck in the mind. To be recycled into demons once again.

Stripped of their vanities.

Yet twice the demons they were before.

And fatter this time.

Those recycled demons.

Some though manifest their desires in dreams.

I desire a new blanket of dreams tonight.