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Back here inside Dreamweaver.

Tried posting directly from inside WordPress and accidentally clicked the LINK worpress menu instead of the LINK (HREF) formatting options and the previously scribbled things were lost.

(The HUGE difference between a CTRL+S instincts and moving the mouse to a Save Draft button.)

(One more reason why desktop-based (but rich) applications still rule over browser-based ones..!)

Now going back to Celtics versus Bulls. Let me recreate the digitized and hyperlinked thoughts on that one.


A third overtime game in this Celtics-Bulls series. With the Celtics grabbing the win after losing the previous two OTs.

But can they last..?

(Ah the bliss of HREFs. Twitter forced me into using shorteners such as TINYURL and TR.IM)

Most exciting series or a conspiracy filled one..?

Doc Rivers was fined already. Now we have Celtics' Perkins perking up.

The Bulls too are complaining. Can't blame them. There exists an overlapping line between a FLAGRANT FOUL and a PLAYOFF FOUL.

Blood loss involved.

I'm a Celtics fan. But with Kevin Garnett and Leon Powe out, it looks like there is indeed an impending KOBE versus LEBRON NBA Finals collision course this year.

I'm seeing a lot of those type of posters already. In street billboards and in malls.

Makes me wonder what these entities are up to.

Who can forget what they did last year.