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Filed Under (Visual FoxPro, work.BLOG) by WildFire on 15-03-2004

Finally I found some time to experiment on FoxTray. To give you a brief overview, this .ocx (or ActiveX control if you like it being called that way) allows you to place the icon of your lovely FoxPro application on the system tray along with a five popup item menu you can tinker with. This .ocx is created using Visual Basic (UGH... turns off the VB-lambastin'-mode) so it requires that MSVBVM60.dll file which is a VB support file. I have VB6 installed already on this computer so I don't have problems regarding that part. The problem lies on that cryptic readme.txt that comes along with the file.

Instincts (and previous encounters with these OCX aliens) taught me to REGSVR32 FoxTray.ocx (which by the way won't work if FoxTray.ocx is not located on drive C: - you can opt to transfer REGSVR32.exe which is located on C:\Windows\System to where your FoxTray.ocx is located) before anything else. (Of course after unzipping the .zip file)

Now after adding that FoxTrayCtl.cFoxTray ActiveX control inside the Tools.Options.Control tab, clicking the FormControlsToolBar.ViewClasses and dragging the OLE to the form, i arrived at the farthest point where instincts can cuddle me.

Good thing that cryptic readme.txt files have five links. Ironically, I ignored the first link in that list which contains the most relevant information about this control. I chose to open these links instead:

... which are informative but are not helpful to what i was planning to do, that is to use the application i'm testing on with this ocx file. That was when comes in... pointing me to a link related to the first URL on that readme text file.

It is a link from that website which holds tons of Win32 API related reference materials (Yup i've blogged that before).

After transferring the code found in that page to a different TestFoxTray.prg and slicing them afterwards to include them into the dragged-and-dropped OLE control, the cute thing is now running and is ready for further customization, usage and abuse in connection with that IUMS project of mine.