FireFox circle

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FireFox Circle. (via



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There goes those aliens once again... tinkering with the site's counter.

It's time to fight back. It's time for these mind-reading computers.

Top 10 Windows XP Tips of All Time

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Here are some links to compensate for that vircrash blogblabbering... the Top 10 Windows XP Tips of All Time. (via

Here are two more signs of alien invasion: subliminal advertising and an invention machine.

And here's an artwork you can post in your door to drive those aliens away.

FoxPro Rocks Parsing Data

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Rick Schummer: FoxPro Rocks Parsing Data. (with source code (via akselsoft))

FoxPro rocks [- insert choice of verb in here (insert optional conjunctions) -] data. Period.

If you search your dictionary it has been there underneath the words 'speed' and 'data'.

If you can't see it there, GOOGLE this phrase: howto fix alien mindwiped human brains.

One of these days I'll add a FoxPro icon inside wikipedia's speed entry.

ParcelDesktop 2005.1208

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For more than a year, my screen background is a plain blue wallpaper sans the image. Pretty ironic, I know, for someone who has maintained a wallpaper site for six years now.

But when I saw this image inside the filtered Galleries, I just couldn't help but click the 'Set as wallpaper' option.

Click to ENLARGE 1600x1200

'Silent Spring' is the title of the artwork created by an artist that goes by the czarnyrobert handle. You can view more of his artworks in this Renderosity Gallery and his official site.

Now I know I have been talking a little too much about aliens in this blog, but I am very much aware that this one is digitally rendered.

I am tempted though, to post 'real' pictures of aliens (besides the photos you have seen here) but these 412EP and 430-like helicopters hovering above my bunker is preventing me from uploading matters of sensitive content.

Besides, the world is not yet ready for these pictures.

Not yet.

18 Tricks to Teach Your Body

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18 Tricks to Teach Your Body (... and delay the alien invasion).

014 Prevent near-sightedness!

Poor distance vision is rarely caused by genetics, says Anne Barber, O.D., an optometrist in Tacoma, Washington. "It's usually caused by near-point stress." In other words, staring at your computer screen for too long. So flex your way to 20/20 vision. Every few hours during the day, close your eyes, tense your body, take a deep breath, and, after a few seconds, release your breath and muscles at the same time. Tightening and releasing muscles such as the biceps and glutes can trick involuntary muscles -- like the eyes -- into relaxing as well.

That one I need.

Restart now… or restart later.

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Restart now... restart later.

The existence of these two buttons have been talked about in countless blogs online.

Mostly rants.

Some of them even strongly believe that a good OS should not require a restart everytime an update has been done, or a new software has been installed.

(I disagree though. That's why new OSes/applications require higher and faster specs... so you can reboot faster.)

Personally I don't have anything against these two command buttons. The problem lies when they appear too often. There's no problem seeing them once after a certain installation, but having them pop up every five minutes or so is a different story.

An entirely different story.

Why not add that checkbox that says 'Do not notify me again for five Earth years.'?

I don't have problems when I'm encoding documents or spreadsheets... no problems even if it interrupts my comic babes surfin'... or when I'm coding.

I can't imagine a programmer's world with no interruptions, no phone rings, no distracting sounds, cubicles near your playing love songs or any form of interruptions.

That's a boring world. It will lead to a robotic atmosphere creating bug-less softwares. (Bug-less?! The software industry would probably mature at the age of 2 and end at the age of 5 (Bugs are what keep us alive.))

Restart now. Restart later.

It is when I am fighting swarms of alien invasions, kicking some chimeran-ceramic-coated alien butts about to initialize some wormhole coordinates and jumpgate sequences in an undisclosed sector, that I don't need those two buttons interrupting my quest to save the world.

It's my human arse that gets kicked every time I pause just to click 'Restart later.'

And these are intelligent lifeforms we are dealing with here. After a couple of interruptions, they can calculate already the amount of time in between pauses and initiate their attack process in that window.

So please, for the good of humanity... drop the timer or include that 'Do not notify me again in five Earth years' checkbox.


Primate codin’

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... and one of those SUPER-HUGE SIGNS that indeed, the alien invasion is near. Too near.

(Thanks wraith for the link.)

Target table is already engaged in a relation.

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Imagine this.

You're working your arse off in a form with multiple tabs with each tab having their own reports with spider-like relationship settings in the reports' data environments.

(You use RELATIONs instead of VIEWs because you feel like VIEWs are for lazy bummers and RELATIONs are cool because they're 'old school')

Now after hours of creating, re-aligning, adjusting your reports holding more than 10 normalized tables each. You found out that after going to Tab-02 and previewing the report, going to Tab-07 fires up this error:

Target table is already engaged in a relation.

You already have SET RELATION TO in place but still the error shows.

And SET RELATION OFF won't work. I wonder why it is even included in the help file.

You 'google-d' the 'net. Taking you to places that list errors but with no definite answers because probably this was an easy problem and was solved years before.

You found a couple of links that are unrelated and refer to problems occuring only in version 4. Now you wonder if there was really a version 4 out there hidden from the minds of the humans which will be used in the up coming alien invasion.

The closest you can get is a link to Microsoft's MSDN site which you can also find in your help file.

You got irked and you tried to CLOSE DATABASES and fire up your DatabaseInitialization() routine every time you execute the print command.

But then that's too lame. Although VFP's speed is legendary and the delay is negligible... you don't want to tarnish FoxPro's name with a lame code patch manuever.

Now in case in the future someone stumbles upon this problem, decides to search the 'net, wants to join the old-school-frat (when database development tools were dedicated to speed and the proper use of resources and backward compatibility) and is allergic to views, I hope the following steps could be of help.

Fire up LIST STATUS. If it scrolls too fast, dump it in a text file.

list status to file SEXYDUMP.txt

Survey the tables with RELATIONs. Do a search on the word 'RELATION'. Note each table name and do a SET RELATION TO in every table in your noted list.

select Table01
set relation to
select Table02
set relation to

Once I can find a faster way, I'll post. Or if you have one, feel free to e-mail me... and I'll be glad to update this.

Of course... better you learn VIEWs. It's an alien technology to begin with.

Mars rocks

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How did rocks from Mars end up here on Earth?

One word: ALIENS.

Probably now is the right time to start digging.

Here are more signs of alien presence: Human brains enjoy ongoing evolution | 2005 Leap Second | Thinking Machine 5 | Camera phones will be high-precision scanners.

Bermuda Triangle

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Sustainable energy source could solve Bermuda Triangle riddle.

Go ahead awaken the aliens in slumber.

I'd rather spend some time with Bathsheba Grossman's Sculpting Geometry.

Aliens and Pyramids and Security Update Crashes

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A couple of days ago I watched Alien versus Predator on DVD.

Yes I've heard about the bad write-ups last year.

But being a fan of the great H. R. Giger and the original alien movies, I have always been fascinated with his characters (Think of the original Alien Alien2 Aliens Species Species 2) and the tons of Giger Art you can view at HR Giger Galleries.

If you're looking for that James Cameron/Ridley Scott alien-type of movie, you'll be disappointed with this one. But then again, anything alien-related with humans being devoured here and there fascinates me.

Also seeing the cyborg Bishop of Aliens, become AVP's Charles Weyland somehow disturbs me.

Still... my stand on negative movie reviews holds true even this year and for that 1++ hour away from the keyboard, it is partially entertaining.

This, however, is not the point of this blog.

It's just that for the Nth time I've seen that 'eureka-eureka-pyramids-were-made-by-aliens' in this movie. You've read that idea before in books and even previous sci-fi movies (StarGate and Fifth Element are an example).

Yesterday I was talking to Mr. Blec. (That's not his real name but he prefers to be called that way.)

He claims he was from the past and from the future who accidentally slid into this room while I was re-installing the Compaq-Server computer after that recent critical security update from Microsoft crashed my file/application server.

(Annoying... not Mr. Blec but the crash but I've been wanting to nuke my computers at the start of the year to start with a clean organized slate (blessing in disguise perhaps (but that would be another story for now))).

Anyway back to Mr. Blec, from one topic to another we somehow arrived to that 'alien created pyramids' notion which made him smirk and said he's tired of hearing that stuff already.

He believes it is an insult to him and the whole of humanity as well.

He said he was an engineer (although it wasn't called that way) in the past. He was one of the major brains behind the pyramids. He worked for three Aztec years perfecting the design back when patents were non-existent and fellow inventors respected each other instead of re-inventing the wheel. Patent lawyers and the whole law-tazmanian clan were also non-existent.)

He said these pyramids stand the test of time because back then inventors/engineers were never after the 'rewards'. Unlike these days where equipments seem to last a day after their warranties expire.

In fact he claims it was humans who taught aliens fire and technology.

How come these aliens are far more advanced..?

Because most of them don't create destructive-related technologies/inventions/products and mix lust, greed, love, fame and all carelessly.

'They don't destroy life, create fictional stories and scapegoats to bombard countries and label it as 'liberation'.

There's more really but I'll just scribble that 'another story for now' line here for I still have to finish up some codes.

Oh... where's Mr. Blec you ask?

He's still 'stranded' in this era... repairing some gizmos and playing with my pet pterodactyl.

He'll share more stories... for sure.


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We humans have spent billions discovering the possibilities of life in other planets and even more billions destroying life here on Earth.

I don't even need to include a hyperlink in the second part of that statement.

I have the urge though to link this old semi-related blog.

Do you feel like riding my scramjet, baby?

NF . Bioengineered household stuff

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Here... splice up your life with some Bioengineered household stuff.

pixel . Plastiqueweb Networks

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Plastiqueweb Networks is back online... and the Pixelcatalyst.Lair as well.

Now that restores the balance in this chi of mine.

NF . CD Rot

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This CD rot thing is scary. So at three in the morning after compiling some database programs I spent some time randomly picking old CDRs and raising them up against the light looking for any signs of constellations and alien life forms.

So far this home-made Hubble hasn't found one. I can now sleep well.

I have had bad experiences with generic CDRs before and I have learned my lessons.

Importance(Data.Security + Media.Reliability) > CD.Price

This, my friend, is applicable in any constellation this universe holds.