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Prometheus News.  Looking forward to this movie.


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Trying out two more MagicHour filters from that previous photo I posted.

I've been using PhotoToaster Jr more recently because of some resolution related issues with the free version of MagicHour. ( Free version only saves a 640 pixels max. )

You can click on the image above to view a higher res version.  ( Combined using Photoshop and PaintShop Pro 5.01 )


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Bought this discounted September 2011 issue of Heavy Metal magazine.

I recognized the artist before I saw the Imaginary Friends Studios label in the cover.

I stumbled upon ArtGerm's art back in the days ( Those days when I visit the site regularly ).

That was even before IFS involvement in the Lamb animated movie.

I've been a fan of his character Pepper ( see Pepper Project ( and this )) which I think is the one in the cover.

The table of contents of this issue points out to several artist gallery links.  ( Including kunkka another favorite of mine. )

I think Chester Ocampo, an artist we interviewed before in TheLair, still works with IFS.  ( Though I don't see his name involved in the Heavy Metal issue ( I was hoping he was ( especially after seeing his latest awesome witchblade artwork. )))

Nice to see their artworks in this issue. I like to see more 'digitally created/enhanced' artworks inside Heavy Metal.


I've been playing around with several iPhone graphics/photo apps.  Even mentioned some of them before.

But I still can't arrive at a combination that really satisfies me.

Resizing before uploading doesn't help as it destroys the quality of the image.  ( See previous posts. )

So I'm sticking with this combination-manip for now.  ( More later. )

No resizing... but if you're viewing the image not on my website that automatically resizes the width to 550, it looks offensively large at 1280.






SQuare17 Phase 002

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Some tweaks here and there and we have this.

Found some of my old 'tools' too.

I will go back into GFX one of these days.  Still trying to get into that zone though.


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All that you can't leave behind.

Taken and manipulated using an iPhone4.

Used the lite/free versions of MagicHour and ColorBlast!

Of course I could tackle this in Photoshop. But the iPhone apps are surprisingly so easy to use.

And I can use my fingers.


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First post for 2011.

Let's see how this works. Wait... I have to modify that and chop the image into three parts.


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I'm supposed to type something in here.

Seven hours and seventy-seven minutes later... I still cannot remember.

Must Remember.


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It's been a while.

Yeah I know.

Been a while since I've done something GFX-related. That is, of course, if you don't include those LEGO art.

Sometimes the demons in this soul need release.

Too many of them these days.

I lost count when I noticed the nine inch fanged one with blue eyes.

With nose rings.

Art... always is a good outlet.

A good release.

Of demons and nurtured ewoks alike.

The luckier demons become works in progress.

Others... rough sketches on paper.

The unluckier ones are stuck in the mind. To be recycled into demons once again.

Stripped of their vanities.

Yet twice the demons they were before.

And fatter this time.

Those recycled demons.

Some though manifest their desires in dreams.

I desire a new blanket of dreams tonight.


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Yes I know. It's been some time since I posted something in here.

But I'm always checking for spam contents.

Mee hee.


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OUTPOST 1047… Released.

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After the crash we're back.

It's a case of me trying to fix some cgi-bin files at the wrong time.

Had I opted to wait longer... things would have been solved faster.

I think my 'wait for the problem to go away' attitude got snagged somewhere last Thursday.

But then again if I opted for the easier path, you wouldn't be seeing this new interface... : )

And since my hands were already dirty, I decided to upgrade some 2 year old cgi/perl scripts.

I've been using some of these scripts for years now and I saw movements from their respective sites after a long time.

I'm talking about YaBB 2.2 (Two years in the making) / BoardMod 2.5.6 (Previous release was dated 06/10/2005) and GreyMatter 1.8.1 scripts (The one I was using for pixelnews prior to the update was still 1.2).

Also... while I was working on the new outpost interface, I found some easier ways to do things in Photoshop CS 3 which usually takes me 15++ minutes to do in the pre-CS version that I have.

(Time spent for cursing not included.)

I'll be sharing those things later... : )


OUTPOST FORUM 1047 released.


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Poser 7 / Adobe CS2 / PaintShop Pro 5.02
Daz3D's Stephanie Petite 3.0 / Irina 2.0

Rendered at 5AM after 9++ hours of coding.

TOP 100 3D Movies

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CGSociety and 3D World released a list of Top 100 Greatest 3D Movies.

Also from the same site is a special feature on three of the top VFX films of 2007.

The Anti-Reflection

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THE ANTI-REFLECTION / 1600x1200 / 803482 bytes
Adobe CS2 / Poser 7 / PaintShop Pro 5.02 / TY2 / Miscellaneous TY2 Freebies

Time-wise you can classify my artworks into two categories.

First... those that takes months (or years (and I'm not even kidding)) to finish containing 3 digit number of layers where the first digit is not 1 and is divided
into four to five 50+ MB PSD files.

Or the ones I create for three hours or less while waiting for something to finish.

The Anti-Reflection belongs to the second category.

I had fun anyway... : ]

"Sometimes when I look into the mirror, there's this stranger I see, who won't look back at me." ~qs

Daniel Simon : The Detonator Bike v4 6.0

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Daniel Simon's The Detonator Bike (via TheLair/protozoa)

Got to have one of those for my qs.

More aa-awesomeazing Daniel Simon artworks, concepts and illustrations can be found in his official site. (And of course an art site would not be complete without female illustrations... : )


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Merry Christmas everyone... : ]

Aliens... bacteria and creatures from the Hollow Earth included.


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Daz3D's Aiko 3 / Xinxin / MIJ Bundle / Cool Fever
Rendered in Poser 6 (Poser 4 RenderENGINE)
Postwork in Adobe Photoshop CS / PSP 5.02
Background: Remixed Entrance Version III artwork


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