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National Geographic:  Photography.

Now... if you're into egg photography here's a link.  More funny and inspiring photos/manips here.


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Happy New Year, Earthlings... : )


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Prometheus News.  Looking forward to this movie.


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Life's Little Mysteries


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Merry Christmas, everyone... : )


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One of the good things about having a son.  You have a good excuse to buy and play with these things.


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Sources of Insight


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Bought this discounted September 2011 issue of Heavy Metal magazine.

I recognized the artist before I saw the Imaginary Friends Studios label in the cover.

I stumbled upon ArtGerm's art back in the days ( Those days when I visit the site regularly ).

That was even before IFS involvement in the Lamb animated movie.

I've been a fan of his character Pepper ( see Pepper Project ( and this )) which I think is the one in the cover.

The table of contents of this issue points out to several artist gallery links.  ( Including kunkka another favorite of mine. )

I think Chester Ocampo, an artist we interviewed before in TheLair, still works with IFS.  ( Though I don't see his name involved in the Heavy Metal issue ( I was hoping he was ( especially after seeing his latest awesome witchblade artwork. )))

Nice to see their artworks in this issue. I like to see more 'digitally created/enhanced' artworks inside Heavy Metal.


I've been playing around with several iPhone graphics/photo apps.  Even mentioned some of them before.

But I still can't arrive at a combination that really satisfies me.

Resizing before uploading doesn't help as it destroys the quality of the image.  ( See previous posts. )

So I'm sticking with this combination-manip for now.  ( More later. )

No resizing... but if you're viewing the image not on my website that automatically resizes the width to 550, it looks offensively large at 1280.







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So You Want To Build a Software Product

My pet tiger has a new hero... Mr. David Thorne.


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It's that time of the year again... when traffic is so bad.

I have to cancel 1 of my 3 meetings today and changed venues on the other one.  The one I met also cancelled one meeting of his own.

The picture above is not even a main street.  It's the street around a mall.


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Found this LEGO Spybotics Secret Agent Training Manual ( 80% discount at BookSale ) while I was walking home from a 'serious' client/partner meeting yesterday.

This would be a nice read one of these days.

The blue envelop... I received from a client.  It contains a printed photo of my favorite food from their place and a softdrinks picture... : )

I prefer giving short descriptions on the pictures I post in here.   But I'm taking these pics and manipulating them ( resizing / recoloring / adding borders  ( Yes in that order )) on an iPhone, so oftentimes I'm too lazy to type these things in a limited/small phone screen keyboard.

I'm too lazy to edit some posts afterwards too.

But I'm making an exception on this one.


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Today I found out...

Nice site.  Especially if you're an info geek.

Speaking of info geeks...

That's a nice site if you're a picture junkie.

Like me.

Pillars of Creation

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From the link I posted previously is this article:

In early 2007, scientists using the Spitzer discovered evidence that potentially indicates the famed three Pillars of Creation photographed by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope in 1995 in the Eagle Nebula were destroyed by a nearby supernova explosion about 6,000 years ago, but the light showing the new shape of the nebula will not reach Earth for another thousand years.

A new, striking image from Spitzer shows the intact dust towers next to a giant cloud of hot dust thought to have been scorched by the blast of a star that exploded, or went supernova. Astronomers speculate that the supernova's shock wave could have already reached the dusty towers, causing them to topple about 6,000 years ago. However, because light from this region takes 7,000 years to reach Earth, we won't be able to capture photos of the destruction for another millenium or so.

Link:  "Pillars of Creation" -- A Cosmic Artifact Vaporized by a Supernova Explosion 6,000 Years Ago



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Tweakin’ Time

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Non-VFP related links:  SYSInternals /

While non-VFP, I remember using SYSInternals Process Monitor in one of our projects. We were tracing a 15 year old FoxPro codes that when printed would consume 5,000+ pages on a size 6 font ( and yes we printed those ).

It was easier checking on which files were used and are being modified.

Of course we still have to review the codes.


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Back here inside Dreamweaver.

Tried posting directly from inside WordPress and accidentally clicked the LINK worpress menu instead of the LINK (HREF) formatting options and the previously scribbled things were lost.

(The HUGE difference between a CTRL+S instincts and moving the mouse to a Save Draft button.)

(One more reason why desktop-based (but rich) applications still rule over browser-based ones..!)

Now going back to Celtics versus Bulls. Let me recreate the digitized and hyperlinked thoughts on that one.


A third overtime game in this Celtics-Bulls series. With the Celtics grabbing the win after losing the previous two OTs.

But can they last..?

(Ah the bliss of HREFs. Twitter forced me into using shorteners such as TINYURL and TR.IM)

Most exciting series or a conspiracy filled one..?

Doc Rivers was fined already. Now we have Celtics' Perkins perking up.

The Bulls too are complaining. Can't blame them. There exists an overlapping line between a FLAGRANT FOUL and a PLAYOFF FOUL.

Blood loss involved.

I'm a Celtics fan. But with Kevin Garnett and Leon Powe out, it looks like there is indeed an impending KOBE versus LEBRON NBA Finals collision course this year.

I'm seeing a lot of those type of posters already. In street billboards and in malls.

Makes me wonder what these entities are up to.

Who can forget what they did last year.


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Laser Brain Exercise

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Here... give your neurons some task to do. Free them from porn infestation.