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I'm not sure if I should be scared by this or this. (via GeekPress)

LHC versus TAO

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When I first heard about the LHC (partly this was the reason for the lack of updates in this site for the past few months (my pet tiger and I were building an anti-singularity/anti-spaghettification floating bunker that could withstand a black hole (Yes it is possible (but no we won't be giving out the secret for now (but here's a hint)))).

Let me do that again, too many open and close parentheses already...

When I first heard about the Large Hadron Collider (wikipedia link / msnbc.techscience link / boston big picture (BIG pictures indeed (here we go again with these parentheses)) my first reaction was joy.


Yes. Joy.

Joy... not because of the promised crispier Tv screens nor faster internet connection or other potential payoffs in the fields of telecommunications, medicine and energy.

(Though I must admit I'm not rooting for these scientists with their Grid to find 'The God Particle'. Science would be more interesting if after a year or two they'll still be singing U2's song.)

It was joy because of the promise of a possible discovery of alternate dimensions.

Of parallel universes.

For developers like you and me working on several simultaneous projects at once for different clients it is a vision of hope.

Imagine if I can just divide N tasks even to let's say distribute them into N/4 parallel universes, I can divide a month's work into just one Earth week's work of time.

Considering that merging them back together would not cost that much.

But even then if it takes one more week to merge them all together that would still result in two extra weeks.

Two extra weeks of doing the things that I really like. Code-related and non-code related. That includes a time for playing LEGO.

Pretty exciting.

It was the way to go.

These parallel universes.

The hope.

The only hope were all other hope and its derivatives will be measured.


Very exciting.


Until that morning just days ago when I met Master Foodahaha(xx).

Don't bother asking me about his name and the extra xx's. (He insisted his name transcends structure.)

But he pointed me out to something more enlightening.

More enlightening than the LHC and their Grid and the Higgs and multi-dimensions.

Something that Master Geoffrey James partially touched on and translated a decade ago but has been existing for centuries in various 'forms'.

That is... The TAO of Programming.

In the beginning was the Tao. The Tao gave birth to Space and Time. Therefore Space and Time are Yin and Yang of programming.

Programmers that do not comprehend the Tao are always running out of time and space for their programs. Programmers that comprehend the Tao always have enough time and space to accomplish their goals.

How could it be otherwise?

- Geoffrey James / The TAO of Programming

Ah... enlightenment.

WIRED: How the iPhone Blew Up the Wireless Industry

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Fred Vogelstein / WIRED : The Untold Story: How the iPhone Blew Up the Wireless Industry. (via GeekPress)

Inner Life

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Cellular Visions: The Inner Life of a Cell is 'an eight-minute animation created in NewTek LightWave 3D and Adobe After Effects for Harvard biology students.' (via GeekPress)


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Was the Death Star Attack an Inside Job? (via

No... not 'atmospheric bending or refraction of sunlight' but aliens.

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Tool-warp: (Consider this a filler since I'm having problems with my keyboard.)


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Pink Tentacles. Woohootness... fembots!

Here: GOOGLE GADGETS for your website. (via

Baby brains are hard-wired for math

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Baby brains are hard-wired for math.

School matters, EH..?

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So here I am still bummed out because of the events I scribbled earlier, listening to ColdPlay's Pour Me (though it is beginning to sound like Poor Me already)... reading about that Microsoft demo glitch (again..?), about a study that women these days would prefer a new plasma TV over a diamond necklace (sweet!)...

... about news on Israel and Hezbollah, about Rumsfield...

... about The 25 Most Important Questions in the History of the Universe, about wikipedia critiques, blobs, how to write things on water...

... and yes about smart eggs.

Reading... and surfing around instead of getting into the usual protocols that put me into a coding zone.

And then I stumbled upon this Why your school matters in getting a job post from Greg Moreno (via Pinoy TechScene).

I can only count 7 of my neurons working so I'm not sure whether to agree or not. But I do agree on some parts.

And disagree on others.

I've been what... working in the academe's IT department for 8 years. Tortured college CS and IT students for five years, been free lancing, doing database systems, consultations (and even referee-ing admin/personnel-related fights) for 10 more schools and colleges here in Manila after I have transferred from Davao.

I have seen how things work from a student's point of view. In a first person point of view as a teacher/staff/employee... in the diffferent admins' bird-eye-views (with an s), in a different insider's and outsider's points of views... and compared notes with other academe dwelling entities as well.

All I can say is what matters is what the school does to you... to her students.

If she pampers you like a spoiled brat so afraid that their school population would decrease if the idealist teacher decides to flank you... then their graduates would speak for themselves, or not.

If they punish you, torture you... readies you for the real world, develops attitude instead of employing mere lectures and depending on non-existent listening skills... then... they're probably doing something good.

That is if you survive the ordeal.

Bottom line... what matters is how they mold you.

... and how you handled things when you were in their folds.

Did you spend more time complaining..? Playing Ragnie... visiting Friendster instead of doing the 'school stuff.'

Were you able to surpass the trickier part.

That is...

How to fight the existing educational system from preventing you from really, really learning.

The three universities that were mentioned, objectively, have proven to have done their part for the past years. (Well at least 2 of those mentioned. I'm not sure why the other one was even included. Flame gear on.)

That is something their students are gaining from.

Reputations don't just pop out.

They're built. Through years. Not days. Not through commercials. Through extensive processes. Not through luxurious buildings named after recent enrollees with huge 'donations'.

But that doesn't really mean that their students are the only best there is.

One of the most hardcore coders I have met doesn't even come from these schools but I would bet my three month old keyboard that he can kick the collective arses of probably 3 out of 5 graduates from those exclusives.

I'll include my USB thumbdrive if you would allow him to code with two hands.

But then again the only one who was able to survive working with me did graduate from one of those schools. She codes and is even by far better (and has more real coding experience) than some comsci graduates.

Ah... I'm getting scrambled thoughts already. Allow me to re-organize and defrag my mind and I'll go back to this topic later.

Before I'll end let me CP this first.

If you are a smart programmer in college, you will forever be a smart programmer. If you are a lousy programmer in college, you will never become a good programmer. (Source Link )

On that part... I definitely do not agree... : ]


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There goes those aliens once again... tinkering with the site's counter.

It's time to fight back. It's time for these mind-reading computers.


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NetGear. Neat.

Steve Jobs’ Best Quotes Ever

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Here... something to lighten your week... from Steve Jobs.

Unless you plan on spending the weekend with this kind of experiment.

THOUGHTS . ironic

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As time moves forward and humanity seems to get 'older' that wisdom is having a hard time catching up with humanity already... it seems that humans care less and less about humans but gives more focus on moral responsibility towards robotic dogs. Quite sad.