Multiple Detail Band (GIF Format)

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I was doing a little clean-up experiment on CGIs/Perl+css, html tables and [br] tags with that post on multiple detail bands (step by step hints section) so if it breaks your rss reader, feel free to view the online version.

If it still doesn't work, here's a screenshot of the steps part in GIF format.

Are TITLES really needed in here..?

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Omni-pie. Client decided to move the meeting/presentation to Monday next week so I'm here today in the office... for the Foxpro.catalyst's site birthday.

Hehe... : ]

I have prepared already for tomorrow's client visits since last week so I guess I'll just spend the afternoon catching up with buffered feeds, buffered blogs and bloggable thoughts.

Qs on the other hand is working on her database application which she will also be presenting tomorrow and I can hear her programming-related grumbles from here.

(Conscience to WildFire: "Good... blog about it instead of helping her."

Shut up, conscience. The end justifies the means.

OK... some initial link round-ups: Ah... one of the thousand reasons why I love computers.

A global network of computer users has clocked up more than 4,000 years' worth of computer calculations in under three months as part of a huge grid project.

Nice... computers can solve those amount of problems but humans can't even start solving some of the 'basic problems' that have infested this very world for years now.

Intel's silicon laser breakthrough has been popping out in some of the feeds that I'm getting. What's next... the grizzly patents?

But this is good. I have constantly argued with my alter ego that there should come a time where we give software development-related solutions that do not set their foundations on a framework that was created because hardware-based connections are too slow to catch up with the data being processed.

I know that sounds vague but I'll explain that more soon.

But in a nutshell... it's like Porky Pig telling you add-ons that you can carry with your bike so you can do fish-castration-related stuff and all. Improve the bike... change the bike with a Harley Davidson instead.

Something like that.

Later, compadres.

Foxpro.catalyst turns ONE… tomorrow.

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Just finished figuring out how I would fit 15 fields inside the detailed band of some report. I am almost tempted to set the report fontsize to 4.2 but then it still didn't solve the problem. I don't think the user would be very happy about it too.

Changing paper sizes is out of the equation.

If only I could apply these grid-related codes:

cColor001 = 'RGB(192, 192, 192)'
cColor002 = 'RGB(0, 0, 0)'
cTEST = 'IIF(USAGE.STATUS == .F., &cColor001, &cColor002)'
.setall('dynamicforecolor', cTEST, 'column')

... inside 'designer-generated' reports. But still... it would only save one field-size space.

I'm sure there's a way but as of the moment I still have to find one.

Anyway... the Foxpro.catalyst site is turning one year old tomorrow. Woot woot!

I have a client visit tomorrow and three client visits this Saturday so I might not be blogging during those days. I'll post some one-year-techblog afterthoughts though early next week.

Thanks everyone.

Twuddles oh.. Twuddles.


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That BLOG ERROR was brought to you by WildFire.

Maybe I should start removing those category codes on titles…

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Today's article: Un-Dynamics of Software Development, or, Don't Bite the Flip Bozo. A little 'warp' but interesting and true. Here's a snip:

The Perfect Software CompanyThere is a perfect software company. It is where I work. The coffee is excellent. The chairs are comfortable, the computers are wicked fast, and we take a lot of video game breaks. The humidor is well-stocked with Cohibas, there is a killer library, and naps are encouraged. The furnishings are handsome, and the décor is pleasant. There are no cubes. The Managers sign checks and buy whatever software, computers, books, gadgets, and video games are desired. Schedules are not set until requirements are defined, software release dates are only announced after the features are done and rock solid. There are no suits. No ties. No cubes, and no timesheets. The work hours are very flexible but long, but I show up because I have more fun there than anywhere else.

Hmm... imagine when hard disks were this huge? Here's an overview of that picture.

As expected Microsoft expands it's quest for innovation. Yes... we do have different thoughts what 'innovation' really is. Now it's crawling into searching, anti-virus (once there was MSAV right), mobile phones, XBox consoles, Tablet PCs and more.

Nice... but how come this move? Is this part of that promise a couple of months ago to fight and stop spam in the future?

Technology Review has something about Holograms, tweezers and teleportation. Now that's news... beam me up, cowboy.

On the pixel-side of things, MIGHTY DEPTHCORE released the Infinity Pack. I don't have any submission in that pack though since I've been busy battling out with Miss TCP/IP this week. But with or without me... the pack rocks.


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This serves as a test post. I'm fixing CGI-related problems on a different server and I'm wondering if it's IE or some misconfiguration that is causing the problem. This serves as a part of the problem isolation routine.

Here to compensate this off topic thread: Atomic9.NET

RANT . And another one bites the dust

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This Account Has Been Suspended
Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.

It seems that this picture is following me everywhere these days. First it was (and the first Foxpro.catalyst) and now, Pixelcatalyst.Lair bows down and hounded by the same problem. There are possible reasons for this... but for now I'm still waiting for Phoenix's reply.

Our main e-mail address resides on that server which makes us very dependent on it. For now please redirect your mails to this address: wildfire AT ntsl119 dot com (Of course you know how this simple anti-spam related mechanism works).


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So here we are again... online after two weeks of being knocked off the 'net.

Before I'll post the events that occurred during that span of time... let us tackle first things, first.

What in Valhalla's name brought us down?

Actually we're still down. The is still suspended and judging from the way things are going, it would remain that way.


I did type a couple of paragraphs which I deleted considering that I don't like to delve into the gory details. To summarize it one sentence... the friend who's sponsoring my free hosting on that server using a domain I registered on its second year (was free during the first) had problems with his hosting reselling business that he decided to discontinue things.

But no negative chakras here. I'm still thankful for the hosting sponsorship for more than a year. It was a big help indeed.

Besides, I was planning to register a new one early this year to make things more non-person-centric. That's the problem with domains using birth names. There are certain factors that limits the things that I wanted to do. You can now access the Portfolio 2004 using this link:

Time to move on... on a new server with hosting and domain paid using an income generated from our projects. (You see since the first day I posted something online and made the 'online presence', I was relying on freebies... up to this point Pixelcatalyst.Lair is still made possible through the kindness of a fellow artist at DeviantArt, Niko)

I did spent some time and effort behind that old Foxpro.catalyst but as I was saying to some friends last week, I will rebuild things from scratch if I have to. Besides greatness is measured on how you built good things that crumble from splinters again... and again.

That's one thing you should teach a child... standing up every time they fall. Let's just say I was taught well on that department.


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And another weird test.


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WinAPI in FoxPro is sometimes frustrating... if not always. I know that it did helped me last week while I'm solving some things. I know that it is challenging (Really it is!). I know that it handles memory more efficiently. What I don't like is the idea that I can't seem to do a thing without a reference or without 'Googling'. Worse I'm slowly being transformed into a copy-and-paste declare-lovin' pink-eyed monster with three fangs.

Is it even possible to be able to know (and memorize) all those parameters without a book?

Converting things from downloadable VB/C/Delphi snippets is not that easy too. Probably it is easier for VB/C/Delphi programmers but we're talking about Foxpro here... we're talking about getting used to a PL with clear, eloquent and straightforward syntax and semantics. I even have to lookup each WinAPI code used inside another WinAPI code, do that lame trial and error approach isolating each variable while calling on the guardians of the seas and skies just to add a shadow on a certain box. So frustrating that I'm beginning to hear Photoshop voices mocking me using the last seven letters of the alphabet.

But I'll get back to charm you, Miss WinAPI. One of these days. It's quite hard tackling you after sleeping at 4AM for almost 12 consecutive days.

On the lighter side of things, Foxpro.catalyst is now available in RSS Feeds with the help of GMM-RS, an add-on for the Greymatter scripts this site is using. Installation is straightforward but if you'll hit a roadblock, just download this file, upload in a directory named XML inside your cgi-bin folder and type the words 'Format C: /u /s' on your DOS window.

siteupdates . in a box

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We're now in a box. Inside the box... i'm referring to the new template this site holds. This gives you a slight preview of the main site's look ( 2004) which will be updated in the days to come. So tell me what you think.

This afternoon, QS and i were discussing tech/philo-related matters. Something about humans using their minds to create technologies that would make lesser use of their minds. Ironic... eh? More thoughts on that one later.

su .

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It's 2:43AM already and i'm still working on the new version of that website. I have done 90% of the template last friday and i was able to chop things, add tables and rollover images already tonight (post.replace['tonight', 'morning']). I'll be using iFrame this time to minimize an extensive vertical scrolling for the main section. It has been months since i have last touched Dreamweaver, PaintShop Pro and Adobe Photoshop... so i'm having quite a hard time familiarizing things once again. I can't even find the SNAP TO GRID item earlier.

I tend to give importance to the details when i'm working on GFX-related matters. I would even scrap a two hour work and start from scratch if i'm not satisfied with it. I've done that earlier this evening when i am faced with the dilemma of optimizing the image size using JPEGs compressed by 15 or 30 percent over a GIF format which reduces the overall quality of the image.

I end up using a rollover image with both a not-so-compressed JPEG as the main image and a GIF file for the 'roller'. I don't want to sacrifice quality this time... and since i'm using an iFrame, the loading of most images will only occur once. All other loading of files and images will be inside that iFrame which is not that 'heavy'.

Once the main portfolio site is done... expect the foxpro.catalyst website to emulate that interface too. Hmm... do you really think this site will hold this text only type of look that long?

NF . back online

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Foxpro.catalyst... is now back online. We were flushed out from cyberspace for almost 24 hours after a glitch occured when we renewed the domain. Thanks for the help, weightlessGFX. More foxpro-related links later. I'm still finishing up some things for tomorrow's client visit/installation.


Filed Under (Random.links, SoftDev (non-VFP), by WildFire on 25-02-2004 is 70% GOOD and 30% Evil. While both 'WildFire' and 'foxpro.catalyst' is 99% GOOD / 1% Evil. Check Gematriculator for yourself. Have fun.

This User Interface != Usable Interface article by Sriram Krishnan points out an important issue that some, if not most, programmers seem to neglect.

su . about the site

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I was hoping i could use this space as the place where i can talk about what the site is all about, its aims and visions.

This is where the details should be. Right now i'm just creating this temporary filler which i will replace once i have finalized the about section of this site.

su . a simple header

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Coolness! Now everything seems to be inorder... front-wise. I still have to decide what to do with the inner components such as karma, links, comments and the individual entry pages. A simple header is already activated. Which shows the site name too.


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This is probably the fourth test in terms of entries. But i can't count the template changes anymore. Right now i'm still tinkering with some css configuration that will hopefully give me complete satisfaction... aesthetic-wise.


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Everything starts with a test. Well... at least almost everything.