FoxRockX and FoxTalk Free Articles

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Reviewing some articles at FoxRockX and FoxTalk archives.

Site is in German but PDFs do have an English version.

One of these days I'll organized a better and more structured VFP related links in a single page.  Right now they're scattered in the archives.


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FoxTabs.  Just in case you don't have this nifty tool yet.

FoxyPreviewer Update

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FoxyPreviewer update v2.88 ( via VFP Imaging )

- No more need to distribute ReportPreview.App and ReportOutput.App
- Easy debugging, because all the needed files are in the same module (with debuginfo)
- No more need to deal with nonupdated systems. Lots of users reported issues, but the source was the report*.App wrong (old) files
- Ensure the FoxyPreviewer initialization will be done using the correct procedures
- A significant increase of speed running the reports and previews

Link:  VFP Imaging:  FoxyPreviewer Major Update

SBC Publications

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Steven Black VFP related articles/publications.

CDXCorruption CheckList

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FoxwikisLINK:  CDX Corruption CheckList.


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FoxyPreviewer at

Export your Visual FoxPro reports to Images, RTF, PDF, HTML or XLS super easy! Send them by email! Enhance the look of your previews, and allow your users to decide how their report previews will be.

FoxyPreviewer is a VFP report generating class, that brings some cool and useful functions, as you can see in the pictures below.


I'll tinker with this to finally 'silence' my nagging friend... : )

TSLLC Session Materials

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TSLLC Session Materials

There's one whitepaper from SouthWest Fox 2008 that I'm still looking forward to be shared.

Tweakin’ Time

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Non-VFP related links:  SYSInternals /

While non-VFP, I remember using SYSInternals Process Monitor in one of our projects. We were tracing a 15 year old FoxPro codes that when printed would consume 5,000+ pages on a size 6 font ( and yes we printed those ).

It was easier checking on which files were used and are being modified.

Of course we still have to review the codes.

Why We Use FoxPro

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Why we use FoxPro:  Visual FoxPro Bullet Points from

My thoughts regarding this are scattered in this blog.

ITA FoxDLs and WhitePapers

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FoxPro Downloads:  ITA WhitePapers and Downloadables.


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ActiveVFP 5.6 has been released on Codeplex! ( via )

Speaking of CodePlex... here are more VFP-in-codeplex related links:  VFPWebCrawler / MTMyVFP Multi-Threading VFP


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Back in 2004, I posted an RPTengin-related link.

Remembered it when I stumbled upon this How To Print a Grid query at\VFP forum.


Related links: RPTEngin / / RPTENGIN.prg


With the premise that everything is possible, try doing that in your other PL.

Of course you can... but someone from the FoxPro 'world' made it first.

orG.charT / VFPc

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Joel Leach:   Why Microsoft Cancelled Visual FoxPro.

Jijo Pappachan:  Organization Chart Control for Visual FoxPro.  ( Now I wonder if this can handle the node in qsez binary/networking related project. )

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.NET COM Interop with FoxPro

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Rick Strahl:   Doing .NET COM Interop with FoxPro? You need a .NET Disassembler

Function SYS(2015)

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Function SYS 2015 ( via Planet FoxPro ( The daily source for VFP related news : ))

I've been using this since a co-developer introduced this to me.  So far... we haven't encountered problems related to this.

Please note too that currently the site link contains an additional info on this than what is reflected on the Planet FoxPro stream.

Here's an additional fox.wikis link:  Image Data Developer Tools.


Paul Mrozowski . Downloads

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Here's a link to the DOWNLOADS section of Paul Mrozowski's blog.

There are VFP-related articles there and tools such as the Calendar Control and the Grid Sort that are helpful in your day to day VFP application development.

DouGH: SouthWestFox Recap

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Dough Hennig has a recap of the recently completed Southwest Fox 2011.  Days 00 and 01, Day 02, Day 03 and Day 04.

And here's one more VFP code related link:  Base64.


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VFP Entity Framework 4 Provider ( via Akselsoft )

More at