download . PDM

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To download our Foxpro file of the day, proceed to Universal Thread.VFPZone's download section and search for 'PDM'. If you're lucky you'll find the Project Documenting Machine. You'll also see the comments that often state how impressive that downloadable project is that documents almost every aspect of your VisualFoxpro project and outputs it in multiple HTML format. To top it's rich features, it includes the VisualFoxpro source codes and some nifty plug-ins.

What else can you ask for..?

Also... I saw a new batch of sample chapters at Hentzenwerke's Developers Studio Apartment. These topics ranges from Visual Foxpro,, Linux, internet-related matters and software development.

workBLOGS . The Boss

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After visiting a client yesterday and installing some program upgrades and at the same time fixing some corrupted index files, I met my former boss (although I still consider him as my boss up to this day). Since this country is composed of 7000++ islands apart, it took more than a year and five more planned meetings that didn't pushed through before yesterday.

You see... my former officemates in the ComCen department (and even the students of the same school) considers our Boss an influential and motivational person in terms of molding your 512-bit skills, making you a better programmer/IT-individual. Not only skills are developed but visions and philosophies in life, as well.

We discussed a lot of things, from IT-related projects and developments in our country to his 1000 grams of vitamins C. Topics which includes humorous grudges to our previous employers (they're funny now but they were not that funny before) were also the spice of the day. From software development to pricing the project to his clothing problem. Like me when traveling, The Boss also refrains from washing clothes and packs things enough to last. Problem arrives when vacations and travels are extended. I usually 'recycle'... Boss prefers buying new clothes.

There are a lot more insightful things discussed in that short meeting which would take longer than the release of Longhorn if I'll discuss them all here but overall it was very nice meeting him again.

Hopefully he had solved his clothing-related problems by now.

workBLOGS . freons are friends

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I decided to create a patch to my 'im-in-a-freon-less-room-and-i-can't-work-well' problem. So armed with two arms and a key I decided to invade the Simulation Room which has an air conditioning unit for almost two months already.

For those who have no idea how hot and uncomfortable it is to work in an air condition-less room in this part of the world in this part of the year I'll give you an overview. It's like being tied arms and feet in the middle of the desert with no water, no clothes accompanied by seven fierce vultures surrounding you, calculating which part of your body would be their appetizer. The calculation of which part of your body would be the main course... buffered in the background tasks in their bald heads.

And you won't even mind them having turns pecking on you for you're concentrated on a certain algorithm you are working on to solve a certain problem. Neurons generate much heat when they're processing things. Add the existing heat of your environment already and the vultures and for sure the desired output is indirectly proportional to the combined heat. Well at least, it depends on which side are you rooting for, the vultures or me.

So what can a poor database programmer like me do?

Beg... rant... coo... woo the upper management. Do some 'pray-overs' for the management's soul. Chant the words 'aircon-aircon' subliminally in their ears when they're around. Pretend to be sick. Trust me I've done them all.

I can't blame them though. A 'tight budget' is hard wall to break through. And considering that I am still alive working on my IT room for a year now sans the aircon, my plead is below the company's priority.

But heaven loves programmers... especially cuddly ones like me. For some heavenly-infused turn of events this Simulator Room is now vacant after a week of summer classes. And now I'm an invader of this room... along with my WinAmp and, of course, VisualFoxpro.

There is really a big difference when you're working inside a comfortable room. It makes you refrain from thinking horrible things and focus more on your database projects in a faster pace. I was able to finish phase one of a five page-tabbed prototype of a new project named Valhalla in four hours.

Let's all recite our creed... 'Freons are friend...'

Articles . 5 Rules of Data Normalization

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Five rules of data normalization.

NF . random blogs

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I've been following the updates and articles inside West Wind Technologies for months now, but it was only recently that I have discovered that Rick Strahl, the main brain behind that site, maintains a blog. West Wind is a good resource if you're into developing Visual Foxpro applications for the web. Rick Strahl discusses programming issues on his blog and there are helpful whitepapers, articles and downloadable stuff in that site as well.

One of his recent blog discusses Open source and making money.

Speaking of 'insightful blogs' here's Lenn Pryor's take on Evangelism, dogma, rhetoric, and believing and Joel Spolsky's views on Perfectionism.

Note to self: Refrain from lambasting VB when evangelizing VisualFoxpro.

While the next article link is not a blog, it is a good read too. Besides anything Google-related is interesting. Google and Akamai: Cult of Secrecy versus Kingdom of Openness

NF . 188 million miles of upgradin’

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WHOA... while this might be a ten day old news already, still... this gives a new level to the word 'upgrade'.

The new software, beamed across 188 million miles of space, should permit Spirit to travel longer distances across the rocky terrain by allowing it to independently negotiate obstacles that previously stumped its navigation software. Opportunity's landing site on the far side of the planet is relatively obstacle-free.

A second part of the software package should allow the rovers to recover from computer memory problems like the one that struck Spirit less than three weeks into its mission.

The third portion should allow Opportunity to enter into "deep sleep" mode at night. That will cut off electricity to a stuck heater that had been coming on unnecessarily.


How about giving 'interception' and 'cracking' a new meaning too? Something like a bored 25 year old 'hacker' decides to patch the twin rovers with an algorithm that makes them dance the rumba for a couple of minutes every 12 earth hours.

Ah... even Yoda will rejoice.

THOUGHTS . Problem solving and alternatives

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I'm reading this list where a certain member posted about having problems with Product-A (which is by the way a default program of OperatingSystem-A). It seems that his copy of Product-A shows a sexy picture of Drew Barrymore but closes a split second after the whole picture is displayed. Same thing happens if he opens a picture of a fire-breathing dragon devouring one of our funny presidentiables with an awkward hair-do. So like most humans online these days he asks in the list about the problem instead of RTFMin' or doing other RTFM-related tasks first.

One of the recent replies surprised me. It suggested junking Product-A and using Product-B instead, even calling Product-A names that would make even my imaginary pet tiger cringe upon hearing them.

Though in some ways Product-B is indeed better than Product-A, and in a way switching to Product-B could probably 'solve' the problem, it still bothers me that most humans think and approach problems this way.

If finding alternatives is the first way of 'solving' problems then there must be something wrong with one's problem solving techniques. Finding alternatives is an escapist way of solving problems. Solve a problem by finding the root of the problem and what causes the problem. That's how real programmers tackle things. Finding alternative should be the last means of solving problems and is in a way considered a lazy and coward's way of finding solutions.

If such a practice continues what we'll have is a world filled with looping alternatives after alternatives whose main existence is brought upon by the attitude of escaping from a certain problem which in the first place has not been solved at all, how can it have been when the attempt to attempt fell flat?

I'm not saying of course that alternatives are useless. What I'm saying is in every problem there's a root cause which one has to know and tackle first before choosing other better alternatives.

Besides Drew Barrymore looks prettier when displayed with Product-A.

NF . Time traveller

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Before proceeding to the 'main thoughts' of this post, I'll give a link to this time traveller that probably needs your help. Note that it is a link to Museum of Hoaxes but who knows if it is indeed true.

Fox_misc . code tuning techniques

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Code Tuning Techniques: How to make FoxPro applications faster. It's interesting seeing that an unswitched loop is faster than a switched loop. In any given day before reading this comparison, you can find me using the switched loop for reasons that I refrain from repeating lines of code as possible. Hmm... I'll do some testing if I encounter this and decide if it's about time to break some 'old programming habbits'.

THOUGHTS . clients and freelancin’

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One of the joys of freelancing is meeting new clients. Especially if those clients are recommended by one of your clients.

JOY++ if your new client is cheerful, nice to talk to and is open to ideas of innovation. Add more happy smiles if she treats you to a great lunch (and a free coke in can).

I've been concentrating on freelance projects for almost a couple of years since I decided to transfer places and leave my old work. So far... I'm happy with the outcome. Last month, I was even ready to leave the regular job I'm in to focus more on freelance projects, but I do have a lot of things to accomplish on that job. One cannot just left responsibilities behind.

Besides I'm beginning to have this affinity for that WindowsXP infused Shanara on that office of mine.

If there's a tip I could give about freelancing (which I know other 'good' and honest freelancers know already and is a common sense to start with) is to take good care of your clients. Taking good care would mean that not only you will deliver reliable services (in my case database programs), but suggest ways for them to improve the 'other systems' existing in their place.

Give cheaper alternatives to them... like suggesting OpenOffice. Just imagine the amount of money they could save especially if these are institutions that have 100++ computers running in their community.

Introduce them to utilities one can find abundantly in the 'net that delivers and improves the performance of computers.

There are a lot more you can do which are often a derivative of sharing what you know already to begin with. Don't hesitate sharing those things.

Though online defines 'freelancing' as this:

n. also free lance (frlns)

A person who sells services to employers without a long-term commitment to any of them.
An uncommitted independent, as in politics or social life.
A medieval mercenary.

... I don't agree with it. In fact you should be the opposite.

Well... being a 'medieval mercenary' sounds cool though. It reminds me of a rugged version of TheGreenLantern in improvised armor plates armed with home-made weapons with a vision to change the world and is actually doing it.

NF . Sunday randomness

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Sunday once again... marathon bloggin' day. As you can see one of the little problems that I have with this site is I often have ideas which I'm a having a hard time following up.

Sometimes I end up giving hints of what I'll post next but they're left there... just hints. And I do have a lot of things I want to post but until now they're still buffered in the chambers of my mind well protected from porn-related neurons.

For example last week... make that two week ago (see I'm that lagging that far behind), I was reading Rory Blyth's post about wanting to hire U2's The Edge to 'code'. Ah yes I've posted something about giving up being a programmer to become a 'rocker' a couple of months ago but that is not the point here. It is stressing the importance of having 'simple appearances of code' with elegant and efficient approaches over complexity-infused ones which are oftentimes slower. One of the many reasons why I'm using VisualFoxpro over Visual Basic when it comes to database-related development is it's simplicity and the clarity of its syntax and semantics.

Anyway Rory Blythe is one of the funniest bloggers you'll see on the 'net. I've been reading his blogs since that Goodbye Keiko post. He also co-hosts DotNetRocks! together with Carl Franklin.

And of course there's Dave Barry too (and his affinitity towards pi�ata)... on and off the 'net in periodicals and other types of syndication. But if you'd ask me where I first read things from Dave, I would point you to a doddering old Linux-powered machine we had in our former office which has this feature that generates random Dave Barry and Murphy's Law related snips.

The previous three paragraphs alone shows how I easily get lost. One cool thing leads to another. And just as I have organized my thoughts on what I have to blog, an info-flood of related and un-related stuff comes along. This is probably one of the reasons why Scoble separated his blogs related to his personal experiences with another set of posts from the things he receives from his feeds daily. There are tons of cool stuff that can be found in the 'net if one takes more time to read instead of Ragnarokin' and gearing into porn-overdrive.

And those influx of 'cool' articles often leads your reading-to-blogging process astray. You find self reading about guns being prevented from firing if it's not the owner who's handling it but requires embedding chips in the owner' hand... and Signal Discovery... and studies about brains and beauty... and infotech related articles but as you're about to blog about it, you find an article about an ex-porn star and her house, or rather, palace and then you again find yourself thinking... 'probably I am really in the wrong business.' If i'd be blogging about libido-inducing links I'd probably be cruising on a slick HAMBURGER-GHini instead of buying burgers which come with free Mike Wachowski cars in it.

And then you find out about an instruction on how to create a USB turd and view a PC case for hamsters and then you realized once again... oh wait I think am in the right field... forget porn.

And when you talk about porn, you can't help yourself but remember how the 'old internet' looks like, which for heavenly reasons is slowly being brought back these days. Yes... through RSS. No porns... no pop-ups, no worms, ad-less and spyware-less (28 spywares for each computer is the average these days).

And then I'm reminded to post that collection of information about RSS. I kept on 'evangelizing' them to my friends and former classmates but then I'm often faced with that 'What the fuck is RSS?' question. (Yes some of them are that rude [",]) And then you find yourself explaining things for the Nth time and wishing that you have finished that blog about RSS and can just link to that blog and make things easier for yourself.

Ah yes I should finish that 'What the fsck is RSS' section and I should end this very blog as well.

NF . How to think like a computer scientist

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I'll post this link: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist... and I'll post some thoughts later.

downloads . April 2004 MS Security Updates

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Move your arse here: Windows Security Updates for April 2004.

As I've posted earlier, Microsoft is indeed serious with security these days. It's their 'new religion'.

oow . Heaven’s stand on Piracy

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Before I'll scribble some things for today, allow me to place this entry first. Instead of including this in one blog entry, I decided to separate this part and just refer (or 'call' if you prefer) to this part on the next scribble... and other scribbles/blogs that will follow in the days to come. You can view this as a sort of procedure that is being called. Or you can call it whatever terms OOP has invented.

Ah yes I forgot, there are some readers that are not much into programming. OOP stands for Object Oriented Programming... if you'd ask me, it is one of the best 'discoveries' since pancakes, binary numbers and lawsuits on jokes.

OK... enough of the introduction... let's tackle the 'real' thing.

You know... Heaven decided to upgrade things these days. It now calls itself Heaven version 2.000.0007 Build 10005 after being called with its codename, 'PROJECT VOLTAGE' for three months. Hell had been constantly upgrading/revising for decades already due to lawsuits and the influx of disgruntled and dis-unified lawyers who have been flooding their place but this is the first time heaven decided to upgrade. Some rumors even claim that the horn which the next WindowsOS bundles has been stolen from Heaven by one of the sentinels from Hell. I, with my limited resources, cannot confirm it though.

No please don't get me wrong... I'm not referring to Microsoft nor I am saying that they are evil. They're not even the sentinel who stole the horn in the first place. Besides the heist rumor still has to be verified and it is not the main purpose of this scribble.

And yes I don't believe that crap that totals the ASCII values of BillG's name. BillG gives donations to children... that's something most OSS-lovin'-anti-MS humans often overlook. And let's not talk about that Microsoft GIF logo with 666 bytes I found while HTTracking their site last week.

No. Let's not go into that. Let's talk about heavenly things. Let's talk about Heaven 2.000 and its new features.

First... it renamed the Pearly Gates into something they now call as the 'aPORTAL'. It should've been iPortal but Heaven doesn't want to face lawsuits from Apple. Besides up to this day Heaven believes that 'i' is the center of 'pride' which it considers one of the deadliest sin. 'ePortal' was also a candidate before Hell started claiming patents for the letter 'e' which it considers a derivative of the word 'evil'.

St. Peter still guards the aPORTAL... along with this holy hen that lays silvery-barcoded Easter eggs once a year. St. Peter is now considered the Senior Vice President of Security. In between accepting new souls who they call 'clients', St. Peter is reviewing codes that heaven-based developers create. He constantly and patiently looks for loopholes, possible exploits and bugs that might compromise security in the future. Like Microsoft, Security is also the 'new religion' in Heaven. When Security-related tools are released up there, it is St. Peter who tests things first using a number of hacking tools stored in his arsenal.

Once every part is considered good, he then posts the compiled .EXEs in a place called as Havanah where bored and torched Hell 'devilopers' can view and start testing, bombarding and exploiting it. They have to do this while AGHRARVEMNORN constantly whips them, slices them and torches them in loops every time an attempt to hack that newly released software fails. Up to this point the seven major released applications remain 'unhackable' and sliced 'devil-oper hackers' are constantly being transferred to a different job... cleaning toilets.

Hell now is planning to outsource the hacking-related tasks to Earth.

Either that... or they're conspiring with the NSA or some big-time software companies to create scenarios that will produce more starving-angst-filled-fire-breathing crackers disguised as security experts.

Ah wait... I'm going quite far from what the main purpose of this scribble is. You see Heaven is getting so interesting and big these days that discussing every feature in one scribble is not enough. So I'll concentrate on the feature that this blog is supposed to tackle... Miss P. Filter.

Yup... Miss P. Filter. I'm not sure what 'P' stands for but when i'll find out you have my assurance that I'll post it. Miss P. Filter is in-charge of the part/section before a 'client' reaches St. Peter and the Pearly Gates aka aPORTAL. She is also different from that Angel entity that filters out suicide bombers that plan to get near the aPORTAL. That's the job of Angel GARATCRAZHER which we will tackle in the next few days.

Miss P. Filter is located in between St. Peter and Angel GARATCRAZHER. She sits there comfortably in a swivel chair near an Intel-based hyperthreaded computer which is just a meter away from a small glittering pond decorated with white orchards and violet plums. It is a pond where mollusks, clown fishes and piranhas peacefully dwell. You can even let Darla swim in there and still the bliss and peace remains. Ah well Darla's braces are now made of aluminum and 'mod'-ed by one of the regular tweakers that resides at

If you think Miss P. Filter is biased towards Intel-based machines, iThink again... on her right is a green jelly-lime iBook whose main purpose is to transfer music files into her iPod. I find it ironic though that the words 'Adam's Apple' are beautifully and electronically etched on the cover of that iBook.

Now what Miss P. Filter does is to let you press your left thumb in a scanner and do a breath check. With that, the Intel-based computer displays the number of times you have pirated something on this Earth. This includes pirated copies of Windows and Office, bootleg CD music recording, Kazaa and MP3s, cracks you have downloaded, key-generation tools you have on your hard drive, ideas you claim as your own, articles and assignments you have downloaded from the 'net and submitted, programs you copied from your classmates and other countless things that is related to piracy. Even the usage of mushy quotes when wooing your girl or apologizing to someone is included in that list.

It even holds the inventory of your visits to your local pirated DVD dealers. ARGH.

You see... piracy has becoming an issue too in Heaven and in Hell. With that Heaven is taking necessary steps to prevent it. If you think you can 'get away' with some hobbies you do here on Earth... in Heaven you cannot. And Miss P. Filter is known for two things, her husky voice and her 'zero tolerance' principle.

So if she sees one entry on that database regarding piracy and the fields lPiracyREGRET, lPiracyFORGIVEN and lPiracyCompensated values are still set to .F., then you are in big trouble, poor human.

But she gives chances too. If she sees one field in those lPiracy-related fields set to .T., then she runs an algorithm that computes your lHeavenAccessStatus considering different factors such as oSituation, cReason, nReasonValidity, lSpreadAttitude, nIncome, nBeerIntake and other countless factors she refrains from disclosing as of the moment.

If you still fail, you are then politely requested to be transported back to an undisclosed location through that pond for 45 seconds while the piranha reverts back to its old self in a span of 30 seconds. There's a certain scent about 'pirates' that triggers piranhas to change moods. Miss P. Filter did promise to tell me more about this part of the process and the location by next month.

For now take a moment to reflect on what the piranha can do to you for 30 seconds and we'll discuss the other Heavenly features later.

article . Hidden secrets of the VFP IDE

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Foxpro-related links and news for the day: Cathy Pountney's Hidden Secrets of the VFP IDE Part 02 | West Wind Web Connection 4.5 released.

Looks like Eric Rudder's blog site is 'moving' these days. Eric Rudder is currently the Senior Vice President of Developer Tools at Microsoft. If my memory serves me right, he was also one of the main pillars behind Microsoft Visual Foxpro III.

NF . Norton commander

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Ah yes... I remember why it took me three years before I installed a copy of WindowsXP on one of my machines. Well aside from what Steve Gibson of wrote three years ago (which was also connected to that strange tale of the denial of service on his site), I cannot make Norton Commander for Windows run on WindowsXP Professional. And I can't live without NC since my college days. I was even using it to cloak certain batch files that annoyingly send and bounce messages in the network.

Norton Commander is the ultimate organizer, file manager and everything else combined. I can even fry eggs on it. Windows Explorer no matter how it is skinned will still be far behind what Norton Commander's ease can give. NC even hums a sweet lullaby if you fall asleep while it's transferring your files.

If only the CDR that holds the NC101 for Windows 95 installer was not damaged, I probably have installed WindowsXP years ago. That serves a lesson to me and a reminder to you too not to use cheap CDRs if you're serious about archiving your installers and porn collection.

Manually REGSVR32-ing the MFCO30.dll hasn't solved the problem. Nor the tribal rain dance that I usually do. I'll probably look for a copy of that DLL that works well with WindowsXP and NC101.

Anyway I was able to find some alternatives. Among the list of commanders, WinNC looks promising even if their website does not work well with FireFox.

Cool... I even stumbled up this Ten Commandments of the OFM Religion. OFM stands for Orthodox File Managers or another way of calling Norton Commander derivatives. I never knew that 'commanders' are this phenomenal.

NF . Foxpro MVP Summit

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Ah... one of the reasons why lLoveVisualFoxpro = .T. (Note: It's l not I. l for 'logical'. Though it doesn't make any difference at all)

NF . Windows XP

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Because of a certain demand of a certain client-related situation, I decided to install Microsoft Windows XP Professional in one of my office computers that is running WindowsME for almost a year now.

Bad decision.

Good thing I was still able to back things up even if the installation went south which caused the destruction of the LBA and some portions of the FAT probably on my second partition. I chose the scheme that installs the second Windows operating system on my second partition hoping everything will be fine and safe. Despite the failure of the installation after three tries, the primary partition was still pretty much alive until I decided to clean the shrapnels of that failed WindowsXP installation and deleted a file named BOOT.INI. That was the Doom's Day part of today's installation process. I never knew that BOOT.INI was like the Michael Jordan of Windows... when removed, everything else went down with him. Add irreplaceable too.

I tried minor hacks hoping that I could manually patch things up but I guess I'll use the excuse of 'you-must-nuke-your-hard-disk-every-six-months' this time. I should've studied BOOT.INI too since it is 'only a textfile'... but at this point I was looking at the bright side already... that the worst mistake was already behind.

So here i am blogging this while I'm re-installing WindowsME the Nth time around after backing up files, copying and doing other countless things. I need to decide too if I'll trudge that dual boot process once again or if i'll choose the upgrade path this time.

There are really a number of things Microsoft has to do but I guess most of these problems are being addressed already. For example their 60 minute installation (or even more, Microsoft operating systems have a different sense of time I guess) is quite HUGE... so totally HUGE, dude (Imitating FindingNemo's Crash character). Although I've read that Longhorn will do the installation process in 15 minutes, I am hoping they're not saying this because along with Longhorn comes higher specs and demands for hardware that is bundled with your new computer.

One thing that an OS should also have I think is what I'll call as the COREESSENCEofCYBERNETICLIBIDO. In English, if one stupid user accidentally left his brain in the cafeteria (just like I did) decides to delete one file, just one file, the OS should still run and not halt, crash and do other countless things I would refrain from mentioning here. COREESSENCEofCYBERNETICLIBIDO insures that the most important files are stored in a CORE somewhere that in case it detects that it was deleted or if it even senses that an idiot user is near the computer, it prepares those files for automatic installation/re-configuration making the occurence of the problem virtually unnoticeable. One file amiss should not cause the WHOLE system to whimp, whine and cry.

I know it is not easy to create an operating system and products such as Windows, UNIX, Linux and other OSes are a product of years of endeavor considering a lot of things, hardware, barb wires, lawsuits and politics... but i believe that COREESSENCEofCYBERNETICLIBIDO is possible to implement. And while they're at it they should also find a better name. Besides, the name I am calling it already has patents backed up by seven starving lawyers ready to devour anything that comes their way.


At around 6:30PM, I was able to successfully install WindowsXP and the networking-related matters that I need most. It automatically detected the video and the sound but wasn't able to auto-install the drivers for my AVICOM LAN card. Tomorrow I'll install the server packs and Visual Foxpro. I don't have plans of installing other applications for now.

THOUGHTS . work and elbows

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I usually start the week by scribbling down on a piece of folded newsprint the things I am suppose to finish for the week. This includes pseudocodes and program flows, database structures and such. Things were going smoothly until I discovered the joys of cleaning one's elbows... inside your office.

I cleaned and cleaned and got obsessed with cleaning my elbows. I was even beginning to look at other employees' elbows, comparing which ones are darker or lighter than mine. This went on for three hours until I decided to rearrange the office room by making a tower of hanoi using the CPUs, monitors, keyboards+mouse and the voltage regulators of the three computers in that room.

Now it is already 9:41 in the evening, I'm at home and still looking at my elbows every now and then.