RANT . And another one bites the dust

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This Account Has Been Suspended
Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.

It seems that this picture is following me everywhere these days. First it was RichardBase.com (and the first Foxpro.catalyst) and now, Pixelcatalyst.Lair bows down and hounded by the same problem. There are possible reasons for this... but for now I'm still waiting for Phoenix's reply.

Our main e-mail address resides on that server which makes us very dependent on it. For now please redirect your mails to this address: wildfire AT ntsl119 dot com (Of course you know how this simple anti-spam related mechanism works).

Article . Busting the biggest PC Myths

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Busting the Biggest PC Myths.

NF . Fotovision

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NF . web-based Emails

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Just a quick note... if you're reading your emails using web-based applications and someone out of nowhere gives you a link, I suggest you copy and paste those links on a browser instead of directly clicking on that link. That is if you can't resist the temptation of visiting those links.

There are web-based email applications that give away your account when tracked on referrers (or worse if their websites include sinister scripts). In the past two days alone, I have found two samples already. I'm now carefully writing a draft to inform the creators of these web products about this vulnerability and if I won't get lazy later, I probably would send this information to them.

Perhaps I will. Perhaps I won't. You know the world, when vulnerable, is much more exciting place to dwell in, cyberspace as well.

But for now, you can check your web based emails if they are vulnerable to this kind of exploit. You don't want them seeing those porn-related spam mails of yours and that scantily-clad pictures of Diane Krueger embracing and smooching Shrek, right?

Download . Ject

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What You Should Know About Download.Ject (Better late than never).

Article . VFUG June 2004 Newsletter

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This is still one of those buffered and backlogged blogs of mine. (There's still one more before I'll delve into the 'normal operations')

A couple of weeks ago, VFUG released their June newsletter which I printed and brought along to read while I was waiting for a bus en route to a client Wednesday last week. The wait was more than two hours so I was able to finish the whole printed newsletter.

There are a number of good read inside that newsletter. On top of the list would be Les Pinter's Data Management in Visual FoxPro and Visual Basic .NET which was also included in one of DevTeach Pre-conference training sessions.

I would like so much to comment on how Foxpro one liners are bloated into three or even 20++ lines in .NET (which is quite obvious already) but that would be unfair for .NET for now since I haven't delve much into it except for the occasional listening to episodes in .NET Rocks!, the .NET overview the Microsoft website gives plus the codes and snippets that I see online and in some .NET-related magazines.

Yes. I haven't jumped yet into that .NET bandwagon. Quite ironic that years ago I was into this pulling of some friends who are doing things in Clipper 5.2/DOS-related PLs to use Visual-powered tools. And now I'm the one who's quite hesitating to change the 'old-school-ic' ways of mine.

I can give a comparison though between Visual Foxpro and Visual Basic 6 if you like... anytime. But then again I don't want to ignite a VFP versus VisualBasic in here. Well... not now, so give those flame gears of yours some rest. Besides we all know who'll emerge on top when we talk about database-related transactions.

Another irony reveals every time I look back and I remember that when we entered a certain university after graduating from college (five of us to be exact), we were the ones who introduced Visual Basic into that environment. It was predominantly VisualFoxpro and Clipper individuals that were existing in that place back then. Now, here I am convincing an old friend who's still there, to include VisualFoxpro in their curriculum. Quite sad, that not too many institution in this country of ours are into VFP these days.

But still... no worries, child. No worries.

Articles . LesPinter.com

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Helpful Foxpro-related articles at LesPinter.com are available for reading.

Call . Filipino IT-student bloggers

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When I started doing this blog of mine and discovering RSS (I was a little late with this RSS thing), one of my early favorite blog site was from Sriram Kishnan.

If my memory serves me well, Sriram is a student from India, an intelligent one that is talking about IT-related stuff, giving out Internet Explorer and Matrix reviews and a good post entitled User Interface != Usable Interface to name a few. It was the latter link that pulled me to his site when I saw Foxpro guru, Craig Berntson, linking to it.

Which makes me think... how come I don't see Filipino IT-related students blogging about the things they learn from school these days? Back when I was teaching GFX/HTML-related stuff a couple of years ago I did introduced GreyMatter and blogging to one batch of students. It was graphics-related then... I wanted to see something programming related.

Any chance we can do something about this, old-friend-Areman?

If any Philippine-based IT schools are starting this too, please fire me up some links. I am interested reading those blogs.

Article . Microsoft and API War

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During that two week when this site was offline, one of the most discussed article is Joel Spolsky's How Microsoft Lost the API War.

There are quite a number of reactions already in the IT community:

There's even more. It was even discussed in one of the latest episode of DotNetRocks.

NF . Apple

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I spent the free hours of the previous three days reading something which its content would no doubt make it one of the bestselling novels since last year.

Those CIA lines are probably right. 'Nothing is what it seems.'

But this book is more than the CIA. In fact it runs 2000 years back.

While it may have shaken a bit a foundation of what seems to be a century old views and tradition and the conservative minds would go against the things presented in that book, I and countless others don't view it as a threat to something you believed in.

And life is an unending quest for truth... and enlightenment.

Of course I can give you a direct link to what I'm referring here... but the book indirectly states that finders of such quest best keep it a secret. -GRIN-

And no, I won't be giving out blues clues and brown divinity-related codes and spiral puzzles and anagrams. It's up for you to find it on your own.

Ah wait... probably I just did.

NF . eSoftInteractive

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I saw a link to eSoft Interactive first on Avatar's Digital Kitchen. eSoft Interactive is a software company that develops games for handhelds based here on the Philippine soil. Traffic Jam is one of their games.

Although I don't own any handhelds nor am I into 'serious' game-related stuff since those old Starcraft days, I would like to post a link to their site. Partly this is what this site is all about... 'empowering' (whatever the heck that means to you) Filipino software developers whether they're using Visual Foxpro or some other language.

How about creating a sort of blog and a feed about the thoughts that goes behind, above and beyond those brains of yours, oh-developers-of-eSoftInteractive?

Article . Patent 6754472

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From ArsTechnica: Microsoft patents a method to transmit data and power over the human body.

I would refrain from posting insights for now. Let's just say that humans have this tendency to fear what they cannot fully understand.

FoxBLOGS . CalvinHsia and Kevin Levy

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Two Foxpro-powered minds at Redmond started their own blogs too: Calvin Hsia (Visual Foxpro's lead developer) and Ken Levy (Microsoft VS Data Product Manager).

You've read them blogging before inside the VS Data Team Blogs.


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So here we are again... online after two weeks of being knocked off the 'net.

Before I'll post the events that occurred during that span of time... let us tackle first things, first.

What in Valhalla's name brought us down?

Actually we're still down. The RichardBase.com is still suspended and judging from the way things are going, it would remain that way.


I did type a couple of paragraphs which I deleted considering that I don't like to delve into the gory details. To summarize it one sentence... the friend who's sponsoring my free hosting on that server using a domain I registered on its second year (was free during the first) had problems with his hosting reselling business that he decided to discontinue things.

But no negative chakras here. I'm still thankful for the hosting sponsorship for more than a year. It was a big help indeed.

Besides, I was planning to register a new one early this year to make things more non-person-centric. That's the problem with domains using birth names. There are certain factors that limits the things that I wanted to do. You can now access the Portfolio 2004 using this link: RichardBase.NTSL119.com.

Time to move on... on a new server with hosting and domain paid using an income generated from our projects. (You see since the first day I posted something online and made the 'online presence', I was relying on freebies... up to this point Pixelcatalyst.Lair is still made possible through the kindness of a fellow artist at DeviantArt, Niko)

I did spent some time and effort behind that old Foxpro.catalyst but as I was saying to some friends last week, I will rebuild things from scratch if I have to. Besides greatness is measured on how you built good things that crumble from splinters again... and again.

That's one thing you should teach a child... standing up every time they fall. Let's just say I was taught well on that department.


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And another weird test.

NF . Area 51

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Not FoxPro-related and almost a couple of weeks old already... but I just can't resist: Area 51 hackers dig up trouble.

Foxpro DevEssentials Respect

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A snip from Jeff Julian's Blogs:

After the show, I have a new respect for the passion of FoxPro developers. During a panel discussion, they show us .NET panelist that they have had features in their tools, that we are so excited about, for years.

DevEssentials is over... good show

The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities. Cephei posted this link inside the Outpost 0725 Forums.

article . Visual Foxpro ‘Europa’ lives

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Mary Jo Foley: Visual FoxPro 'Europa' Lives.