Video Capture API (VFP with source code)

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Video Capture API (using Visual Foxpro)

This set of API functions provides applications with a simple, message-based interface to access video and waveform-audio acquisition hardware and to control the process of streaming video capture to disk.

In other words, it takes few lines of code to preview video from PC video camera on FoxPro form as well as get single frames or stream video into AVI file.

Link (with Source Code)

And here's a more in-depth Video Capture Reference from inside the MSDN Library.

Foxpro Devcon 2004 Blog Summary Links

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One of the highlights from last week was the Visual Foxpro DevCon 2004 which was held in Las Vegas, Nevada from September 29 to October 3, 2004. I've collected some Foxpro DevCon-related blogs from this rss aggregator of mine.

As you can see, our beloved robust and data-centric tool is still pretty much alive. Ah yes... Foxpro, the last XBase standing and its legendary Rushmore technology.

Troy and GEEK Mythology

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Never knew Achilles has his own version of Kenshin Himura's Hiten Mitsurugi. (I would love to give you Hiten Mitsurugi related links but most sites I found are decorated with a dark blue over black background so go Google things for yourself)

I don't watch movies in theatres anymore. I read the reviews, download the teasers and trailers, follow their numbers and wait for them in DVDs. So with most of them, I'm quite behind by months.

Movies with swords, dragons and a hint of the pre-digital world (even if the CG-world has a great part in creating them) where knights, warriors, archers rule and maidens who are not overly concerned with slimming down, have always been part of my favorite++ list.

(Heck. I don't even think those warriors have to endure the 'Am I that fat?' questions recursively.)

The story about Troy and Greek mythology as a whole were part of my bedtime stories when I was young. Some of my project codenames were even taken from some of its characters.

I was even hoping I could run as fast as Hermes/Mercury even then.

Moving forward in the future, I find myself running other things. But then of course I have to compile them first.

Anyway, the earthquake last night shook my programming chi so that I couldn't get myself to code. So I ended up sleeping and thinking that if the Trojans and the Greeks were using computers in their era, the Trojan war would never had occured.

For one, they would've scandisk-ed/NAV-ed/SPYBot-ed/LavaSoft-ed the 'gift' before they dragged it behind their walls. Their computer-powered detectors could've smelled the humans inside and radars could've easily tracked the hiding fleet.

Even if their network admins and technicians are busy doing 'other things'. (Some things don't change...)

In fact, probably they would even have installed RFID/GPS-related technologies on their slaves and wives, then Menelaus could've tracked Helen wherever she was.

Probably Paris and Helen would not even have met, considering that Priam could've just fax-ed his peace agreement, or e-mailed it to Menelaus. Paris would end up IM-ing Helen luring her to have cybersex with him not knowing it is one of her lazy male guards reading them and pretending to be Helen in the other side of the 'line'.


Helen's would've been too busy surfing eBay. Her sys-ad would not even give her rights to install new applications on her PC.

While Menelaus would've been preoccupied downloading porn stuff. He would've had no time for war. He's on a T1 connection so he's taking advantage of it.

Of course Agamemnon, would still be obsessed with conquering Troy. He would hire photoshop experts to fabricate pictures claiming that Troy owns weapons of mass destruction to convince the other kings that it is really time to invade. (Uh... sounds a little familiar)

Achilles would be very busy playing Tekken and his cousin Procla-something (can't remember his name, his not in my childhood books I think) would convince him again and again to play Warcraft instead.

They could never figure out the logic behind CounterStrike and Bloody Doom.

Hector having the leadership qualities would prefer to comandeer a guild inside Ragnarok Online. That is if Andromache is not watching him.

Hmm... I think I would still prefer Greek Mythology over Geek Mythology any time of the day.

Pixelcatalyst.Lair Blues

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I was hoping I could wait from for something to be resolved first before I'll talk about it but since I've been receiving inquiries here and there for the past few hours, I think it would be better to post some information here and just C/P the url instead of re-typing and saying things again and again.

Plastiqueweb Networks DNS (or whatever you call it) is being transferred.

Niko (aka Phoenix), our friend who provides free hosting services for some digital artists (for almost five years already), has been trying to reach the 'domain machine' since last month with no replies. Domain name reached it's expiration deadline. Domain shows an expired message while we're transferring stuff. And my Bamm-wham-blam-blam counter is incremented.

Like any tech-love stories in this world, things like this happen.

No worries though. The Pixelcatalyst.Lair site has been through bamm-wham-go-down situations a number of times already even before Plastiqueweb Networks cradled us into their digital fortress.

If you're looking for the artworks, you can still view most of them inside Portfolio 2004 of this site, in my DeviantArt account or inside DepthCore (the digital abstract art group I'm currently affiliated with).

(Speaking of DepthCore, watch out for the next release. I have already submitted one artwork in it. It is the first individual artwork since releasing Quendoline Dreams October 16th of last year. Although LOS 2004 was released last March, it was a tweak of an old LOS 2002 artwork. There were quite a string of collaborations but the artwork I'll be releasing this 15th of October is the first individual thing I made for quite some time.)

Email-wise I'm also deactivated because I use Plastiqueweb's email service as my primary account. You can reach me using the following e-mail:

Richard.Base [at] GMail [dot] com
pixel_catalyst [at] yahoo [dot] com
WildFire [at] NTSL119 [dot] com

Looking at the bright side of things, I haven't received a single spam for the past 24 hours.

Intimacy with the Inanimate

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Just random stuff before I'll dive once more into some codin' in the middle of the night.

Inanimate objects talk. The problem is you just don't listen. Try listening. Trust me you'll hear things with more sense and sometimes which are even more profound than the usual bullshit you hear in radios and TVs.

During client visits to companies and if you're like me who suck terribly at memorizing names (I do remember faces well (I can even identify a person's offspring without prior knowledge)), do check the organizational charts. Even if this organizational charts don't have pictures on it, you can still figure out things.

Trust me it works with me all the time.

This is what I learn from watching Robert Redford spy-flicks. Ah yes... ALIAS and 24 too.

Whoever said 'databanking' is easy hasn't tried it yet. Or if he/she has tried it once, does it like the way newbie-comsci-student-I'll-do-this-for-the-sake-of-passing-something type of programmer.

Of course 'databanking' values/fields in tables A B C D and E are easy. But try organizing them in such a way that they will not fsck things up when we add tables F and G a year from now. And there's more. If you merely replace the value A.field when a new data for A.field is encoded then you're missing a lot. There should be a history of these changes, a log of who changes it and all.

I'm not even mentioning the challenging parts yet.

I'm currently mentoring qs in learning VisualFoxpro (we had our first heated argument on database structure and normalization yesterday). So far she's done with QUE's Using Visual Foxpro first chapter. Gave her an overview of OOP and have let her tinker with the Visual Foxpro environment as well.

So far so good. Probably she'll include this learning experience in her blog one of these days.

It made me smile when she told me she's nervous. I can't remember the last time I had that 'nervous-y' feeling though I know I had some when I was coding during college days.

Ah well... Nervous.code != Angst(Coding) right?

I got nervous though when I was presenting the ILS and GITS program last week. Darn. I really was. Most of my clients are referrals and last week was one of those outside that referral linkage.

Which makes me wonder... do seasoned professional marketeers get nervous too during their new potential client presentations?

There's a difference though when the marketing staff is presenting things and the person who is actually making the program/product. The other outweighs the other in some aspects and vice versa.

Now if only I can fuse the best of both worlds.

Though I strongly believe creating a good++ product is the best way to sell things.


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Unlocked and loaded. Node-333 released.

I still have some spare time while waiting for someone to dress up and prepare and I have already written the .scx/.prg files in my transportCD-R so I'll fire up these blog-related tools of mine first.

I have been loaded with quite a number of projects to finish last month (... and now overflowing to this month... I'll list them later) and as you have noticed blogging has been a little rarer than usual... except for the normal foxpro-related links and stuff. Sharing those news-link type of blogs is not that time consuming... just 2 to 5 minutes at most.

It could even take lesser than that if I'm not on a dial up and I don't have IKIA taunting my restless pet tiger on my back every now and then.

I haven't had time to post weird thoughts as of late. That sucks.

I used the word 'loaded' instead of 'busy'. These days everyone seems to be busy or at least pretending to be 'busy'. Or perhaps really really busy that they can't even stop and utter the word 'busy' anymore.

I encourage humans to blog and they give me that 'I'm still busy... I don't have time' blah-blah-blahs.

Oh come on... blogging is like stopping and smelling the roses.

What is more soothing and relaxing than talking about database/non-database related programs, flows and structures after working for 10 straight hours working on database-related stuff?

Uhmm... OK... there are far better options.

Blogging the RP tech scene

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BLOGGING the RP Tech Scene. (via