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Grid and Human Odor

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I was working with grids... when out of nowhere one column in the grid was playing hide and seek with the values in the database (or that's what I think it was doing).

Oh... grids... those are easy in VisualFoxpro... [ BEEP ]

Not that simple really... since it is a combo box inside a grid that points to another database which holds the normalized values and field code. In some cases one grid holds 3 or more databases aside from the 'parent' database.

Plus... I don't use Builders and Drag+Drop wizardy approaches. Everything is created 'programmatically'.

I spent an hour or I think more re-structuring some old databases. Adding some fields and tweaking some parts, chanting and doing some rain dance but after all the major changes (major since some databases also affects two other projects/clients aside from the current project), the grid combo box still won't show.

I compared codes with the working grids and the template is almost the same. More tweaked here and there. Nada. It won't work.

... and then I saw this line below the grid-related procedure:

.GridCOMM.column1.forecolor = RGB(255, 255, 255)

It was working from the start. It's just that the human eye is not trained to see a white colored text over a white background.


Before giving solutions, always find the REAL root cause of the problem first. Highlight things if needed and always take a bath before coding.

Odor is a factor you know.

The Microsoft Memo From Linus

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The Microsoft Memo From the office of Linus Torvalds. (Thanks Beakman for the link.)