Designing and Building Classes

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Designing and Building Classes post from Andy Kramek is an informative read.

A lot of informative posts poppin' out from Foxite's Community Weblog since it was released.

Also do check the main for some newly posted downloadables and articles (this part needs registration (which is free of course)).

Happy Easter... week.

Ladies of London

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We'll deviate from the regular fox-related/programming-related stuff for a while to link you to the Ladies of London. Amazing 2D artworks from Linda Bergkvist (aka ENAYLA).


Filed Under (Visual FoxPro, work.BLOG) by WildFire on 22-03-2005 fires up its Community Weblog!

Nice to see blogs coming from Eric Den Doop, Andy Kramek, Boudewijn Lutgerink and fellow Filipino Foxpro programmer, Erik Gomez. (I'm sure there'll be more 'foxite-bloggers' to come.), aside from being one of the most helpful Foxpro-related online forum in the 'net, also holds quite a number of Filipino Foxpro programmers online. This is also where I first met David Tindugan, which I remember I should contact right now.

Eric Den Doop, the man behind, was also kind enough to host the PhilFoxDev website since last year.

Foxpro-related news

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Foxpro mentioned at TheRegister... at Infoworld and of course inside Microsoft PressPass.

More current Foxpro-related news found using MSN Search RSS feeds.

Now... what do you do with FoxPro..?

Good Programmers

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Good programmers/developers/system analysts are not measured merely by the number of code lines they've barfed out (most of them are bug-infested anyway and won't last until the next operating system upgrade)... nor by their experience alone... but how they apply the principles of programming and software development in real life.

Windows Revealed

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Windows source codes... revealed.

Haha... : ]

Visual FoxPassion

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Ah... one of those million reasons why I like Visual Foxpro... the passion that lies behind the VFP-ers you can see online (and even offline). The comments in this blog post from, is just a mere example.

March 2005 letter from the Editor is out.

I'm still wrapping up most of my projects which explains the lack of posts as of late... congratulations Mark by the way for your system launching. Good luck!

Universal Thread Magazine March 2005

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Universal Thread Magazine March 2005 issue is out. More VFP-related news at Universal Thread VFP Zone.

Shedding some light... a new VFP guru is out blogging in the open. Be sure to check that out.

PROGRAMMING is… spiritual

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Programming, developing... coding... or whaver you call it, is... spiritual.

Ah... the effects of marathon coding until 4AM at home in an enclosed room for three straight days.

Here are some random links for you: