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Humans who work with me (including wifey), probably is already annoyed with my accuracy-related principles. Accuracy... accuracy... accuracy.

(In the other hand, I am so annoyed everytime I hear/see/smell a variation of that 'puede-na-yan' attitude (Translation below and samples too many to mention)).

But this quest is far far way too far and beyond my standards.

'Puede-na-yan', for those who can't undersand means... ah... now I'm having a hard time translating for if I end up doing an inaccurate transalation, this post would backfire on me. But anyway, it's close to 'This-would-be-ok-since-I'm-too-lazy-to-push-myself-too-far-and-I-am-lazy-anyway-I-can-still-breath-and-live-even-if-I-would-not-improve-this' line.

Reasons != Excuses

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Reasons != Excuses. Humans should remember that. Even if he dwells in this world polluted by ((Reason = Excuse) .and. (Output < 0)) Mentality.


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Listen to Craig Bailey.

VFP beyond 9.0

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So... the month of June is something to look forward to, eh?

Poser renders and Education

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Click the image on the left for a larger 498x1370 resolution.

Having posted those lines above, I would like to tell you that this post has nothing to do with the image.

Besides I don't think I'll make any sense in this post. It is 2:30AM and the discussion on education-related problems on TV ended just minutes ago.

One problem probably, which was not mentioned, is... we have so much TV shows/news items discussing education related problems more than concrete solutions.

Even in that TV discussion, I can't seem to find even one convincing solution that perhaps could eradicate the problems mentioned.

Excuses... I see plenty. Solutions... I think one was mentioned. If... I'll even consider that a solution.

I for one, cannot think of a concrete solution at this time of day.

Perhaps because the solution is beyond the weave of problems that govern the educational system.

Perhaps it lies on the attitude of the 'problem solvers' themselves. If one really exists.

I see corruption, I see humans that rant too much, I see passive individuals, I see tons of the-hell-I-care students and I see a lot of people yammerin'-there-yammerin'-here about these things.

I see blogs.

But I'm not sure I'm making sense too. That render distracts me every now and then.

Perhaps we'll just let George Boole educate us all on this matter.

Take it away, George.

The AGES of the Fox

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John Koziol: The Ages of Fox. Hehe... : ]

IE7 has tabs. No I'm not linking because I'm excited about the tabs (I already have FireFox installed to do that for me), but because I find the comments part (which comprises 97.8723404%) of that page... funny.

VFP9 more SQL Server Friendly

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Visual FoxPro 9.0 more SQL Server friendly

Kramek said FoxPro is the best front end to SQL Server to use for development. In the update, correlated subqueries see higher performance and the software enables enhanced use of derived tables.

For years now, and looking at the trend on how new languages tend to hog so much memory, VisualFoxpro still is consistent with its 'Eat-My-Dust' principle when it comes to data processing speed.

VisualFoxpro rocks… and talks.

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How do VisualFoxpro programmers talk to their wives..?

A lot of ways really... but Calvin Hsia added another way through this code that runs and fires up Microsoft Word. Type your words and sentences inside it, highlight (select) it and the binded Foxpro code activates the speech API and barfs out those words.

Mondo cool.

Qs is a meter away in front of her PC and I'm still convincing her to buy me some food through this. (Much better than YahooIM.FontSize(25))

The fun part is typing Filipino phrases in it which the speech API object pronounces in such a funny way.

Try this one out.


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Yeah... I've been playing around with Poser for the past few days and haven't been coding that much.

Poser has improved so much since the last time I was taking my lunch with it (and even skipping office work just to play with it).

Even the online Poser community increased by folds, not only by number of sites, but by number of cool freebies as well.

In a nutshell (for those who haven't heard of Poser yet), it is one of those so easy to use click-here-click-there 3D applications where, given a default set of figures, you can add some props, dress them up, add some lights, change their expressions and pose them to your heart's (and libido's) desire.

You can download tons of characters, props, poses, or if you have some extra cash, you can even buy some cool 3D figures from sites such as Daz3D and Renderosity.

(The model used above is a freebie MDP F202 model downloaded from this link. I'm still thinking of what name to give her.)

Of course you can delve deeper, morph objects and faces (imported from jpegs), create meshes, 'clothify' and create Python scripts.

Yes... applying even simple random generating algorithms on vertices produces cool abstract stuff. But then, involving algorithms in this easy click and pose application defeats my purpose of just having fun and easing the stress produced by software development.

I don't like things to sound this way:

Q: What do you do for work..?
A: Create database programs and algorithms.
Q: What do you do when you're not working..?
A: Create algorithms/scripts in Poser.

I will, post more thoughts about Poser and link to some cool Poser produced images in the days to come.

Who knows, I might even post some of my Poser-renders of the day.

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Hiring is obsolete

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Hiring is Obsolete. (via Beakman)

Agree but not entirely. There are tons of things you learn and experience when you're hired. It's like before you can lead and manage, you must learn to follow. A great part of my attitude towards work is molded by working for four years under The Boss of a computer center of a certain university along with nine other programmers and engineers (which includes a Linux-samurai-x-lovin' system administrator).

But that's only a minor debris among the things tackled in that article.

So go check it out for yourself.

Converting Arabic to Roman

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Here's two (I and II) Arabic to Roman numeral conversion related posts from John Koziol.

I did make an attempt at this kind of algorithm a month ago, but did not delve deeper because of time shortage and that part of the project needs only, at most, the first five numbers to be converted.

Cool VFP code indeed.

Free E-books

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APRESS Free E-Books which includes but not limited to PHP 4.0, Perl modules for CPAN, VB.NET, COM and .NET interoperability. (via Kot Kiet's blog (via Martin Salias (via Universal Thread (... and via Espartha Palma)))). turns 4!

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This is late by a couple of days... but still... Happy Birthday, Foxite!

Four years, baby.

Making Wrong Code Look Wrong

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Making Wrong Code Look Wrong.


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Rounding up some good Fox-related links my rss reader has accumulated for almost a month. If you regularly update those foxpro feeds you might have visited some of these links already.

Rubik’s cube and LIGHTSabers

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This is so unfair. Just wait when I'll get my hand on this too.

“Foxpro has never let me down…”

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Andrew MacNeill posted an insight which in part I always kept on plugging into the brains of my non-VisualFoxpro developer friends. This was after he was able to stumble upon that old 'Foxpro has never let me down thread' from O'Reilly Network.

One of these days I'll post some almost forever buffered thoughts of my own.

Be sure to check out FoxShow... : ]

VFP Newsletter – May 2005

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Visual Foxpro May 2005 - Letter from the Editor posted.