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Heart is Blue

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'This day deserves a blog.'

That's what I told qs as we were heading home after two consecutive client visits in five hours.

I tried to 'cram' visits to five different clients in the past two weeks prior to this one hoping that I could somehow rest and concentrate on the actual coding in front of a desk or something this week.

Turns out, we've done two visits today (make that yesterday since it is 1:35AM and this would probably be posted around 2 or 3 in the afternoon when I'll get the chance to be online) and we're still up to three more visits before this week ends.

But going back to this day (or yesterday) update-wise, with the help of this newly acquired pqi usb thumbdrive, things went smoothly. (Unlike before, where we have to deal with snobbish cd-rom drives pretending to be defective every time we're around, misconfigured network shares, countless bugbear viruses, broken floppy drives and illogical office politics (don't even let us go deep into the bloody details.))

Smooth... the database/system updates... yes. But there are some 'other matters' that made one of the visits disappointing.

For the past seven years of my freelance life (four of which spent alongside my qs), we have tackled some disappointing situations. But this is the third time in a row in a span of two weeks that this matter manifested itself.

Out of respect for the client, I would refrain from diving into the details.

I would however teleport my mind from this not-so-good thing and concentrate on two important matters in particular.

The first is one of those blah-blah-blah-things about life which you know already and it would make things redundant if I'll state it once again.

The other is... in this world of database/system/software development... freelance adventures... clients... and all... there is also one thing which is as important as an efficient/stable/fortified/hacked-to-the-core software/database systems (the product).

And that is... relationships.

Your relationship, the trust and reputation you have with your client is as important (if not more important) than the software product itself.

Take good care of it.

Your relationship with your partner, employee/employer, borg-slave programmer/coder matters as well.

But that, dear children of the force, is another story for now.

Grid + Calendar

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The 'foxpro-warp' of the day: SPS: Visual FoxPro Grid - A Tip and a Calendar Class.

'Foxpro-warps' are pixelcatalyst.Lair's equivalents of 'pixelwarps'... comic-warps... photowarps. Whatever.


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After this week... hopefully... hopefully... I could transfer some buffered thoughts in my brain into a digital format stored in this blog.

A couple of hardware upgrades (and you think upgrades would make you more productive, eh..?) and a string of client visits are consuming a lot of my time for the past few weeks.

10 Dumb Moments in Sci-Fi Cinema

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10 Dumb Moments in Sci-Fi Cinema.

Alan Griver and Ken Levy VFP DevCon 2005 Interview

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Visual FoxPro DevCon 2005 Interview with Alan Griver and Ken Levy.

High Notes

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Hitting The High Notes.